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You have found some of the best methods and information on how to handicap thoroughbred horse racing. We are a widely respected handicapping concern. We have been serving handicappers since 1956 and are now in our 2nd generation. Handicapping is in our blood!

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Here at Tom Worth you will find:
  An arsenal of money-making spot play methods.
  The TIPS Report, now in its 
21st year. TIPS are dynamic handicapping angles.
  The TIPS Update, with over 80 angles & 15 hot contender screens.
  Back issues of the TIPS Report, with each issue like a handicapping seminar.
  Our selection service; call Jon Worth for details at 401-921-5158.

  Free Handicapping Bulletin; you may find the details toward bottom of this page.

Now, mind you, we are not saying that if you are new to handicapping, you will prosper overnight. Handicapping is like any other type of vocation. You need to build your analytical skills and learn how to spot the moves in the past performances which point to a primed and ready-to-compete horse. That’s where we come in.

We are dedicated to showing you how to make profitable selections and have a proven track record for doing so. We are privileged to have a community of astute handicappers, many of whom have been with us for over 30 – 40 years. Many long-time and highly successful handicappers started out with Tom Worth, and we invite you to join their ranks.

And if you already have experience under your belt, you can keep your skills sharp plus get new ideas by subscribing to the TIPS Report, our bimonthly handicapping publication which analyzes the races and the past performances by reviewing angles that isolated winning horses in actual case studies of races we’ve handicapped.

The TIPS Report is for all levels of handicappers, from those just starting out to ones who are highly experienced. Through its' pages, we learn from each other. We have many skilled handicappers on board who contribute to its pages by reporting on winning angles they’ve used or have refined. We launched the TIPS Report in 1993, and many of our readers have been with us since then. For a description, please visit this link.

We are committed to assisting you to further build your analytical skills so that you can reason and think on your feet, whether it is at the race track or online with the Daily Racing Form or brisnet.com. To learn more about us and how we got started, please visit our About Us page.

If TIPS handicapping sounds familiar to you, Jon's dad, Tom Worth, was the publisher of the highly acclaimed POPS & TIPS handicapping methodology, which came out as separate parts for a total of 21 parts. Jon helped his dad with many of the latter chapter's of the TIPS Methodology.

If you want to put TIPS into action for yourself, we highly recommend the TIPS Update; the most recent is the 2008 version. Many of the handicapping angles in the TIPS Update are ones the betting public has overlooked, which is greatly beneficial for those of us who are in-the-know!

We have an array of proven handicapping publications designed to help you find a horse that is fit and prepped to run in-the-money today. Methods, such as the Fitness Factor, Big Four Plus One, Place-to-Win for Sprints, Place-to-Win for Routes, Show-a-Profit, Improving Beyer Figures and more, discuss how to determine trainer intention and handicapping signals that point to a fit horse ready to run his best effort today. Many of them are quite easy! Visit this link for the list of spot play methods.

It's easy to order any of our publications and subscriptions with three ways to order: directly on the website with PayPal, or by phone at 401-921-5158 with your MasterCard or Visa, or by mail with a check or money order.

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If you handicap the races, then you know handicapping is as much an art as it is a science. We encourage you to hone your craft and to keep your skills sharper than the betting public. To do so, align yourself with Tom Worth Publishing for an ongoing education on how to find winning selections, especially those that others have missed!


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