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Reports from a couple of Saratoga clientsPLUSclick here to see details of Jon's results for the meet thus far by following this link!

And this from S. on 7/21/2018 who is using our Saratoga Selections, but is using his own wagering strategy rather than the more conservative one recommened by Jon:

Not following your betting patterns. 
but had a $10. daily double on races 4 & 5 on Friday at Saratoga 

America’s oldest and most venerable thoroughbred horse racing meet is approaching faster than the top horse in the stretch!

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SEE RESULTS to-date below!
With 13 days in the books, Saratoga continues to show a profit!

Yesterday, August 2, 2018, another profitable day. While not a huge day, once again all four selections won or finished in the money!

Steady selections = steady returns!

3rd: Frontier, place & show wager cashed.

5th: BEST BET Loose ran 2nd and place show wager returned 19% roi.
9th: 20% roi on show wager ON THE MOON cashed
10th: while the exacta box ran out (9-1) ran out, the #1 entry, our selection
won: $4.60 - $3.10 - $2.40
On Monday, thanks in part to the closest to BEST BET of the day at Saratoga, yet more profitable results - take a look! 
9th race
selection was FOCUS GROUP
1 unt win #4
10 unt show #4
1/2 unt ex. box 4-10
1/2 unt ex. 4, 10 over 6
1 unt win #10 @7-1 or>
RETURN: $64.65, minus $28 wager:
NET PROFIT of $36.65
A couple of our clients wagered more in the win slot, and thus had a much more profitable day! Sign up today!

More results from the first week of Saratoga from July 20--July 27th

July 20  LOSS of $7.45
July 21  LOSS of $32.25
July 22   PROFIT of $50.25
July 23    LOSS of $2.60
JULY 25  PROFIT of +$27.10
JULY 26 LOSS of $13
JULY 27 PROFIT of $49.60
PROFIT OF $71.65 for first week, based on a $2 base bet wager.
On Sunday July 22, the EXACTA in finale paid $65.25 for 1/2 unit; however, the top three combined for trifecta (I passed), and top four paid $84.60 for 10 cent Superfecta (cost to box the top four $2.40 --again I Passed)
Of coursepeople wager differently. For example, two of our Saratoga clients, who each like Daily Doubles, reported to me how they each caught excellent returns on OPENING day using the two top contenders in one race, with the top choice in the previous race. If memory serves, 1 person had a $5 double.
Another Saratoga client/handicapper emailed me on how he collected a trifecta (which I passed) and which boosted his profits significantly!

Our Saratoga Selections from 2017 were highly profitable! Here's just a few highlights:

ROI on various days in July 2017 ranged from 25% to 78% to 118% to a staggering 200% on the last Saturday of the month--with a $34.20 winner and a $166 exacta. Plus, the three horses we mentioned finished 1-2-3!
The profit continued on Monday July 31, 2017, in the 2nd race with our top choice Funtastic paying $11.20 Win and our suggested Exotic, including the #5, paid $59.50 Exacta and $29.60 Quinella! Total wager amount suggested for this one race would have nearly paid for the entire service for the 7-week meet!

Jon, That $34.00 Winner was NICE!

Such an elegant selection in this race, yielding $175 payoff for me. Thank you Jon!
Couple nice one 9-10 Saratoga!
July 21, 2017
27.5% ROI on Opening Day
July 22, 2017
Race 6
Build To Suit was largest recommended wager of the day
Won and paid: $10.60 Win - $5.70 Place - $3.90 Show
Paid nearly double its 5/2 ML
July 24, 2017
ROI for the day was an excellent 78.50%

Using a $2 base bet unit, the total amount wagered on Monday would be $50, with a total return on the day of $89.30.

Take a look:
Race 1
Your Secret's Safe #6
Ran 3rd and paid: $3.20 Show
Recommended 10 unit show on #6 & 1/2 unit win #10
#10 ran out at more than 17-1 odds
54% ROI on the race
Normally, I reduce/pass remaining wagers with an excellent profit such as this; however, most were already reduced, to some degree, and I also had 2 appointments, so I put the win wagers on computer contingency and went ahead with early bird show wagers as planned.
Race 5
Ran 2nd and paid: $4.30 Place - $3.20 Show
1 unit win out
Exacta box with the #1 & #2 came in, paying $15 per $2 wager
1/2 unit win on #8 at 15-1 or> ran out
Race 8
#5 - No win bet as went off below 10-1
3 unit show ran out
Race 9
My Mr Wonderful #7
Ran 2nd and paid: $6.60 Place - $5.10 Show
No win bet as went off below 7-1
6 unit show cashed
Fantastic day!
July 26, 2017
Every selection in-the-money, running at least 3rd
ROI for the day 28% 
July 29, 2017
ROI for the day 200% with a $34.20 winner, and the exacta was $166. plus, 3 horses mentioned finished 1-2-3!
July 29, 2017
The profit continued on Monday July 31, 2017, in the 2nd race with our top choice Funtastic paying $11.20 Win and our suggested Exotic, including the #5, paid $59.50 for the Exacta and $29.60 for the Quinella!
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