Breeders' Cup 2019: Selections & Handicapping Advice
   Get in on the ACTION! Two days of highly competitive races!

November 1 & 2, 2019 at Santa Anita

UPDATE for 11/1/2019: Excellent results on 1st day of breeders cup

Exacta in the 5th, 198% roi; similar roi in the 6th with our top choice coming in for the win, $12.20 mutuel, and with show mutuel paying over $5; decent profit in 7th with 31% roi. Races 8 and 9 finished out but overall still an excellent profit on the day. STILL TIME TO GET IN ON TODAY - SATURDAY, Nov 2, 2019.

The most iconic finish line of the racing season is fast approaching, the elite event that closes out the racing season in class, style and good form - both on & off the track - with 14 world class races over two days.

If you are short on time on November 1st & 2nd, yet still want to get in on the action or would simply like to compare your selections to Jon Worth's, we've got you covered with four options so you can choose which one best fits your needs. (For more info, continue reading below the links.)  

How about a second pair of eyes to help you handicap the two days? Afterall, the Breeders' Cup will be two days of challenging handicapping with nearly every race offering keen competition and opportunity. With each race having the cream of the crop of horses and jockey, each race should be handicapped. However, that doesn't necessarily mean there is a selection in every race, but rather the key is finding the races with the best opportunities for solid selections or even a surprise long shot. 

As many of you know, we tend to be on the more conservative side. Jon will work to isolate solid selections with a high probability to run in-the-money as well as long shots and will offer wagering recommendations accordingly. 

Sign up now! Choose one day or two days of selections. 

We also have available downloads of tried-and-trued handicapping & wagering strategies. You  may already have these classic reports from the field from Florida handicappers, but in case you don't and you plan to handicap the Breeders' Cup, we highly recommend them. They were originally published about 7 - 9 years ago yet they continue to offer valuable and profitable advice for big stakes races

You can opt for the three downloads or get the deluxe package which includes Breeders' Cup selections and the 3 downloads

Read our free annual advice below to help you stay focused on profits as you handicap and wager on The Breeders' Cup.

Act now on one of the above options so you are best prepared to end and start the thoroughbred horse racing season on a high note!

General advice for big races

As grand as The Breeders' Cup is, we as handicappers look for positive wagering opportunities for earning a profit. And earning money should be the most important aspect of the Breeders Cup upon which you should be focused. Yes, it can be difficult to find an edge in these hyper competitive fields; however, we handicappers do have a couple of factors in our favor.

First, nearly all the races for the Breeders’ Cup have large fields. The payoffs tend to be more generous than the fields at your everyday meets. For example, a strong selection in a typical everyday field may pay $6 or $7 to win, while a similarly strong contender at the Breeders' Cup is likely to pay a higher win price. Additionally, place and show payoffs at the Breeders’ Cup tend to be higher.

Second, the exotic payoffs can be enormous, and Milton's easy-to-follow strategies can give you profitable suggestions on how to structure exotic wagers.

Perhaps the most straightforward and effective approach is one best explained by Art Baker in his excellent and very logical analysis of handicapping Graded Stakes races and the Breeders' Cup detailed in a terrific essay he wrote for the March/April 2010 TIPS Report.

If you own this article, and I strongly encourage you to reread it. Art’s analysis in that issue is among the six or seven most popular of the 125-plus TIPS Report we've published over the years, some of which are available as downloads including the Mar/Apr 2010.

Art’s Breeders' Cup approach is highly effective and profitable. He has continued to use his strategy for Graded Stakes races and the Breeders' Cup profitably year after year. In fact, the year Art first shared his approach, he earned a fantastic ROI of 112% in the win slot and a 29% ROI to place.

In addition, we would all do well to read or re-read advice from the late Milton Weinblatt, another Florida handicapper who contributed popular, highly effective and profitable handicapping approaches. In fact, his ideas continue to be in demand! 

Milton evolved over the years from handicapping strictly maiden races and wagering show-only to developing his own straightforward yet extremely effective exotic wagering strategies that work best in the lowest caliber of races, (maiden) and the highest class of horses, Graded Stakes, even Grade 1 stakes races

Milton cashed tremendous exotics using a strategy with 2 extremely attractive features: 
1. quick & easy to isolate contenders; and 
2. calls for small wagers with potentially huge payouts. 

His article in the March/April 2009 TIPS Report is one of our top 10 requested issues. It's in this issue when he first introduced his highly profitable exacta and superfecta approach.

Over the next few years, Milton refined his approach and called it a “Plan for Super Racing Days.” It is ideal for days such the Breeders’ Cup, Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont, as well as all other big stakes races. Milton used his “Super Plan” for the 2011 Preakness, 2012 Kentucky Derby, and 2012 Preakness. Here's the bottom line of his report for those 3 days of special races, as detailed in the May/June 2012 TIPS Report:

$396.00 = total wagered
$604.56 = return 
$208.56 = net profit 

52% = ROI 

Not bad for a 90-something year old handicapper! This is a terrific ROI especially considering that Milton's approach requires little handicapping. It's straightforward, and one that Milton used for nearly 5 years.

You may order any one of the above reports, (Art Baker’s Breeders’ Cup strategies or Milton Weinblatt’s Graded Stakes approach), order all three or get the three plus selections

Please let us know if you have questions by giving us a call at 401-921-5158 or send Jon Worth an email at or 

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