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Part 14 of the TIPS Manual - Chronicles a $118,000 TIPS Winner!

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Part 14 of the original TIPS Methodology chronicles a $118,000 TIPS Winner from the 1980's and is reported by Tom Worth.

This will come to you just as Tom originally published it on his typewriter - before the days of personal computers! In other words, like the Auto-Coup, this particular publication doesn't have our same formatted layout. Nevertheless, the information is golden and very inspiring.

Follow step-by-step as Paul S. from Maryland uses the TIPS Method, especially Horse TIPS and Tom's Auto-Coup longshot method to collect on the only 2 live winning tickets for the Double/Triple at Laurel: $118,000. (The Auto-Coup is listed in our Spot Play Methods section.)

This huge six-figure payoff was an amazing win, especially since the horse which won the first of the two races which comprise the Double/Triple paid a heavy favorite mutuel of just $5 to win! Just incredible!

You can order just this one section of the original TIPS method by adding this to your cart, but we also offer the following options.

If you want to combine Part 14 with the Auto-Coup, which is an easy-to-use long shot method and automatically includes KISK Report #5, you may review this combo by following this link. (KISK Reports were published by Tom and were precursors to the TIPS Methodology)

We also have yet another package which combines Part 14 of the TIPS method, the Auto-Coup, KISK Report #5 and the July/August 1996 TIPS Report, which features an in-depth discussion on how a New York handicapper used the Auto-Coup to cash in on a $95 winner. You may review this package by following this link.

The Auto-Coup Longshot Method with KISK Report #5 and the July/August 1996 TIPS Report are available as a package deal, which you can find in our list of Spot Play Methods which you will find through this link.

Order any one of these options today and learn how TIPS can put you in the winner's circle! Many successful handicappers have found TIPS handicapping to be very profitable for them. (Just as an aside, you don't need to be familiar with TIPS handicapping to gain value from the TIPS Report, our bimonthly handicapping publication which many find quite valuable.)

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