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Place-to-Win for Routes Spot Play & 3 Issues of the TIPS Report

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Place-to-Win for Routes Spot Play Method & 3 Back Issues of the TIPS Report

Be sure to read the description to see what is included AND why!

This is a special package deal of Place-to-Win for Routes Spot Play Method for handicapping thoroughbred horse races and 3 issues of the TIPS Report, specifically the June 1993, September 1993 and December 1993 issues, each 24 pages in length.

As way of a background, Place-to-Win for Routes was rated 9 by the Phillips Racing Newsletter and has been well received among handicappers from around the country.

Place-to-Win for Routes features a set of several straightforward guidelines to apply to route races. Our research shows that the guidelines can help you make selections which have a chance of running in-the-money more than 80% of the time, at odds ranging from about even money to 6-1.

This 24 page spot play was co-authored by Jon Worth and his late father, Tom Worth.

Our focus is profits and not necessarily the winning horse. As we like to say, there is a difference between the two. Your goal should be to make a profit and not to wager on every race just to be in on some action. When you follow the guidelines, it yields about one play per track per day.

However, we do have discussions in the June 1993, September 1993 and December 1993 TIPS Reports on how you can increase your number of qualified selections and these 3 issues are included in this particular package.

And as is our custom, we give you workouts and case studies of actual races in the method that Jon and Tom handicapped using Place-to-Win for Routes, so you can see it in action and easily understand how to use it. Like all our publications, Place-to-Win for Routes is written with the reader in mind.

Here's a brief outline of what is included in each of the included 3 issues of the TIPS Report, each 24 pages in length. I've highlighted in blue the articles that relate to Place-to-Win for Routes.

June 1993

1.  Your focus should be to make money!

2.  The TIPS Method – A Powerful Approach.

3.  Six-month workout of Place-to-Win for Routes.

September 1993

1.  Super Cluster 2 (collection of angles, when grouped together point to a strong selection)

2.  Top Trainers

3.  Optional plays for PTW, including a $70 longshot!

4.  Travers 1993

5.  TIPS Overview:  Fresh Horse TIP (angle)

December 1993

1.  Al Newman’s P&P-8 TIPS Method

2.  The Power of the WUTT TIP (angle)

3.  Three complete workouts of P-T-W for Routes.

(If you already own these 3 issues, we have a separate entry for just PTW-R.)

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