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Addendum to the Fitness Factor

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Please order the Addendum only if you own the Fitness Factor because the Addendum will be useful to you only if you have the Fitness Factor. If you don't yet own this dynamic spot play, please click here to order both the Fitness Factor and the Addendum. We firmly believe you will enjoy handicapping with the highly effective & highly praised Fitness Factor!




NOTE: The Fitness Factor & Addendum are now available as a Download - Visit this page for info.

You can find The Addendum only in download version through this link.

To order both the Fitness Factor AND the Addendum in the Print Version please follow this link.

We're pleased to report that we continue to hear a lot of positive feedback from many of you who use the Fitness Factor spot play method to handicap the races, more so than nearly any other method we've published, aside of Show-a-Profit and the complete TIPS Handicapping Methodology. The Fitness Factor is an excellent, very solid method and has given handicappers repeated success!!

However, just about anything can and should be improved. While I was doing the live play research workout for the Fitness Factor method, I noticed an emerging pattern in the way of long shots that warranted more investigation. For example, a long shot during the live play workout for the Fitness Factor did not exactly qualify as a Fitness Factor selection. However, the horse passed the main contender screen with flying color, and more importantly, he finished 2nd and paid $21.80 to place and $16 to show!
After we published the Fitness Factor, I continued to look for horses who qualified as what I was now calling as 'optional' Fitness Factor selections. And what is very interesting and simply outstanding is that I found others, including a $29 bomb who bested a small, six horse field at Belmont.
In the new Addendum to the Fitness Factor we explore two avenues in depth to expand the handicapping landscape to offer you opportunities to find a greater number of selections and ones that pay long shot prices.
As is our usual style, we use six actual case studies to show you how to use the optional criteria for the Fitness Factor. The case studies include small or 'minor league' racetracks. Such kind of races can add very juicy long shots to your profit ledger!
Thus, if you already own the Fitness Factor, we greatly encourage you to take advantage of the culmination of our horse racing research and order the Addendum to the Fitness Factor.  It's worth it!


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