How to Pick Blockbuster Exotics!
H.F. of New Jersey was a superb master handicapper at cashing in on huge exotic payoffs and so many, many longshot winners and huge exacta mutuels, all from using a small but powerful group of TIPS! For 8 years H.F. shared with me string after string of longshot results many of which we highlighted along with his handicapping approach in various issues of the TIPS Report.
H.F.'s handicapping approach is elegantly simple, yet accurate when it comes to regularly spotting $30 - $100 winners. Over the years, his handicapping evolved into a powerhouse of successful, profitable and surprisingly straightforward approaches arising from a handful of angles.
Learn how to make sense of those unpredictable races for young horses and turf and maiden races.
We want you to win big so please don't miss out on these special packages of how H.F. collected on huge exacta payoffs.   
Let H.F. lead the way. The list of TIPS Reports below will put you on the path to profits. If you already own these issues, we encourage you to review them. If you don't yet own them, or don't have ALL of them, then here's your chance to own them.
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Nov/Dec 2001    Significant Pair Longshot Winner!
Sept/Oct 2002    Longshots & Stakes races.
May/June 2004   Exotic Scores!
Jul/Aug 2004      $99 Winner - Use one of the most powerful TIPS of all!
Sept/Oct 2006    The Break leads the way to ENORMOUS payoffs, including a $1,100 exacta & $13K triple!
Nov/Dec 2006    The Break leads the way to its' own spot play! Line up for longshots!
Jan/Feb 2007     Is a horse ready to run? Learn how to spot them when they're ready!
May/June 2007   New TIP leads directly to $123 winner, $956 exacta!
Jul/Aug 2007      Spot play based on new tipoff; $97 winner; $1,486 exacta!
Nov/Dec 2007    A $57 winner and a $962 exacta!
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