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Previous issues of the TIPS Report are as timely as ever because they contain valuable handicapping information and concepts as well as input from astute handicappers. TIPS, or tipoffs, are handicapping angles or factors.

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June 1993
 Your focus should be to make money!
 The TIPS Method - A Powerful Approach
 6-Month Workout of Place-to-Win
    for Routes Spot Play Method

September 1993
 Super Cluster 2
 Top Trainers
 Optional plays for PTW, including a $70 longshot!
 Travers 1993
 TIPS Overview: Fresh Horse TIP
December 1993
 Al Newman's P&P-8 TIPS Method
 The Power of the WUTT TIP
 3 Complete Live Workouts of P-T-W for Routes with Astounding ROI!

March 1994
 The New WUTT TIP (a refinement)
 The Significant Triple - A powerhouse!


June 1994
 Wagering Strategies for Stakes Races
 The Public Handicappers Contender Screen
 TIPS Corner: Review of the Top Jockey Stays TIP

September 1994
 Currently unavailable



December 1994
 A Place-to-Win Workout
 Secondary TIPS
 New TIP: The Reclaimed Horse
March/April 1995
 Place-to-Win Workout
 New TIP: Workout Since the Last Out
 California Longshot

May/June 1995
 Horse TIPS: Significance in Stakes Races
 Reader Report: A TIPS Play


July/August 1995
 The Art Baker Contender Screen: A Focus on TIPS
 Reader Report: Place-to-Win for Routes
 Place-to-Win Workout
September/October 1995
 Reader Report: Double Your Bankroll Using Show-a-Profit
 Pedigree & Breeding
November/December 1995
 Don't Sink in the Slop
 A New Twist for Show-a-Profit
 TIPS Refinement for the FH
January/February 1996
 Get Exotic with Show-a-Profit
 Battle of Saratoga: Importance of Wagers
 Q&A: Resolving Tied Beyer Figures

March/April 1996
 Two New TIPS: The OLS & UDB (UDB has been very powerful over the years.)
 Reader Report: P-T-W continues to evolve


May/June 1996
 A Day's Worth of Selections



July/August 1996
 Reader Report: Show-a-Profit Longshot
 Reader Makes a "Coup" with TIPS
 An Adaption to the Powerful UDB TIP
 Q&A: Choosing Qualified Beyer Figures
September/October 1996
 Dutch-a-Profit (Calculator no longer available.)
 Q&A: Reference Point for the WUTT TIP
 George Edge's Trainer List (List no longer available.)
November/December 1996
 Two New TIPS
 The WUTT TIP Isolates Two Blockbusters!
 Q&A: Figuring the True Class Figure for State Breds

January/February 1997
 Handicapping Success: "No Racing Form Needed" Spot Play by Milton Weinblatt
 A New TIP: The LWO<5

March/April 1997
 Refinements to the HWO & FH TIPS
 Addendum to the "No Racing Form Needed" Spot Play
 Q&A: What's a Fast Workout?
May/June 1997
 The WUTT TIP Scores Again!
 A New TIP: The ES(LO)DC
 Q&A: Telephone Wagering Services (Outdated)
July/August 1997
 Reader Report: 45% Return at Santa Anita
    with Place-to-Win!! Includes Live Workout
 The Edge List (No longer available.)
 Q&A: What's a Fast Workout?
September/October 1997
 New TIP: The Even Finish
 Final Results of the "No Racing Form
    Needed" Spot Play
 Tom Worth's Passing
November/December 1997
 Blue Chip Strategies
 A Spot Play: The Single-UDB - A Powerhouse!
 Optional plays for PTW, including a $70 longshot!
 Travers 1993
January/February 1998
 New TIP: Running Mood - Also a Contender Screen                                
 Workout Table - A One-Page Reprint 
 March/April 1998
 The Even Finish Plus
 Reader Report: A Single-UDB Blockbuster!
    Pays Phone #'s Sized $$
May/June 1998
 Best Bets       
 The UDB: Q&A on Shippers & Class     
 Correction to a RM Case Study in Previous Issue
July/August 1998
 Reader Report: EV+ Scores a Longshot
 Significant Pairs: Combining TIPS for Power Plays!
 Q&A: The True Class Figure (TCF)
September/October 1998
 A UDB Workout Scores a 150% Profit for Highly Successful Milton Weinblatt
November/December 1998
 Two New Significant Pairs of TIPS - See every selection; read about it here!
January/February 1999
 Exotic Wagering Strategies for Best Bets
 The Improving Beyer TIP
March/April 1999
 Layoff/Show-a-Profit Horses: A New Twist
 Focus on Profits: A Wagering Strategy
May/June 1999
 Is This Horse Really a Best Bet?       
 The WUTT & a Layoff: Opposites Make a Dyamite Duo
July/August 1999
 Focus on Early Speed       
 Trainers and Improving Beyer Figures
September/October 1999
 IBF Spot Play Update: Readers' Report
 Show-a-Profit Updates - $$ Management
November/December 1999
 Optional Plays for the IBF Spot Play      
 Reader Report on the ES/LESLO Angle
January/February 2000
 A Reader's Modification on the Powerful WUTT TIP
 The Saver Play: A New Longshot Spot Play - $170 Winner!

March/April 2000
 Adaptions to the Saver Play Method
 New Improvements to the IBF


May/June 2000
 Reader Updates & Workout for the Saver Play
 A New TIP: Mini-Improvement Arrow
 Top Notch Trainer Guide (No longer available)
July/August 2000
 Another Sizzling Hot Saver Play Workout
 Reader Report: A Terrific Score from Monmouth
 A Blue Chip Exotic Wagering Strategy for Best Bets
September/October 2000
 The Even Finish Goes Exotic!
 "Top Notch" Spot Play (Guide no longer available)
November/December 2000
 Handicapping in the Fast Lane
 Reader Report: A Saver Play Update!
 Correction to Last Issue's EF Article
January/February 2001
 Exotic Even Finish Strategy - Two $100 Winners!
 An Update on Wagering Services
March/April 2001
 Review of the Mini-Arrow TIP - Form & Speed
 Breeders Cup 2000
May/June 2001
 Three Factors for Spotting a Powerful Strong Play
 New TIP: Pace - A 'key' handicapping factor
 An Adaption to the Powerful UDB TIP
July/August 2001
 The Saver Play & Show-a-Profit
    Combine for a Powerhouse Spot Play!
 The Significant Triple & Top Trainers
 New: The 3/3 TIP
September/October 2001
 The Exacta Wheel: Great Way to 'Place' Your Bet
 Trifecta Wagering: Here's a Helpful Plan
November/December 2001
 An Exotic Twist to TIPS
 New TIP Leads to a New Significant Pair: Brk/FWO
 Correction to Last Issue's IBF Article: Nunzio
January/February 2002
 The DRF's Trainer Stats: Dig Deep for Gold
 A Single Factor Contender Screen
March/April 2002
 The Top Three Trainer Contender Screen
 The Half Maiden Class Win Doubles as a Screen
May/June 2002
 The UDB: This Powerhouse Keys a $5,000 Triple!
 A Show-a-Profit Update: Place Wagers for Profit

July/August 2002
 Show-a-Profit Update: Refinements - Part 2
 UDB: Fab Info for Astute Wagering


September/October 2002
 Workouts: There's more than meets the eye!

November/December 2002
 Class Drops
 Workout Update: Reader Report on the Breeders Cup
January/February 2003
 The Trainer Issue!
 Betting Against the Trainer: Specialties
 Betting With the Trainer: Tiebreakers
March/April 2003
 Three Factor Spot Play: Quick & Effective
 Show-a-Profit: Two Handicappers - Two Selections!

May/June 2003
 Major TIPS for Major Results! Terrific!


July/August 2003
 Improvements to & Workouts Work with
 Handicapping for the Long Run
September/October 2003
 The Double Qualified Beyer Edge      
    Contender Screen - Absolute Powerhouse! 

 Corrections to Previous Issue's S-A-P Workout
 Workouts: Rating & Evaluating Them
November/December 2003
 New Info! Place-to-Win & Longshots!
 Workout Ratings - Reading Between the Lines


January/February 2004
 The Show Parlay: Advice & A Method
March/April 2004
 Capitalizing on False Favorites & "Chaos" Races
 A Review of the 2003 Kentucky Derby
May/June 2004
 1st CL TIP Variation for Dynamite Wagering
 The Break & FWO Exotic Contender Screen
July/August 2004
 New Dynamite Blockbuster Tipoff
    Keys $99 Winner!
September/October 2004
 An EPS-based Spot Play Method
November/December 2004
 The TIPS Overlay: A Contender Screen
    for the TIPS Methodology!
January/February 2005
 The IBF Spot Play: Add Class to Equation
 The TIPS Overlay: Add These Two Angles
March/April 2005
 Grade II & III Stakes Races: Angling for Selections
 Class & Speed: Not Always Obvious

May/June 2005
 A New Angle from H.F.: Gaining
 Part 2 or our Class & Speed Analysis   


July/August 2005
 Handicapping Saratoga: A Week at the Spa!
 Our 9 year old more than doubles her bankroll using handicapping basics!
 One of our most popular issues ever!
September/October 2005
 A Strategy for Stakes Races     
 A Show-a-Profit / BRIS Prime Power  
    Figure Strategy Update

November/December 2005
 Uncoupled Entries: Opportunity or Reason to Pass?



January/February 2006
 Best Bets: Finding a Strategy



March/April 2006
Vulnerable Favorites: Fishing Grounds for a Longshot
 TIPS Corner: Lone Early Speed in Last Out
May/June 2006
 TIPS Corner: Early Speed (Last Out) Drop in Class Today
 Best Bets: Super Show-a-Profit Selections

July/August 2006
 Equal Footing: WO's Level Field for First-Time Starters


September/October 2006
 TIPS & The Break - 3 Handicappers Cash
    Monster Payoffs, Including $1,000 Exacta -    Read How!  $13K Triple.

November/December 2006
 The Break TIP & Cluster of TIPS Finds Longshots!


January/February 2007
 W-O-R-K-O-U-T-S Can Spell               
March/April 2007
 A New Angle: Jumping Up the Class Ladder
    Using Place-to-Win
May/June 2007
 A Quick Return to the Track: The 7-11 TIP
July/August 2007
 The 7-11 TIP Returns Enormous Payout
September/October 2007
 Back to the Future: The Fresh Horse Plus revisited
 Reflections on Place-to-Win for Routes                                                

November/December 2007
 The Super Cluster Leads the Way
 A Reader Recommends to Jon: Go Exotic! 


January/February 2008
 Contender Screen & Super Clusters!


March/April 2008
 Multiple Class Dropping Horses, Plus More on the Super Cluster.     
 Includes a Report From Milton Weinblatt of FL
 Exotic Strategies!
May/June 2008
 Trainer Specialties & A Ready Horse - Profits for Us!    
♦ Includes Reports From Milton Weinblatt of FL & C. of New York

July/August 2008
 Profit Line: Armed for Profit!
Includes reports from Milton Weinblatt of FL & W. of CA


September/October 2008
 ProfitLine: More Fantastic Results!    
 Handicapping: Man & Machine Spell Profit!
  Includes report from Art Baker on the TIPS Software
 Bonus 30-page Issue
November/December 2008
 Lightning & ProfitLine Strike Again!
 The Triple Threat. Includes Report from Joe B.
 Correction for May/June 2008 article which involves a request of clarification from BRIS.

January/February 2009
 The 7-11 TIP Revisited
 Answer the Door When Exotic Opportunity Knocks!


March/April 2009
 Don't Follow the Crowd: Avoid False Favorites!
 ProfitLine Strikes Gold! Includes Report from Milton Weinblatt of FL.
 26-page Issue
May/June 2009
 Money Management Tactics:
   Get More Bang for Your Buck

July/August 2009
 Exotic Explosion! Includes Reports from H.F. & Milton Weinblatt
 TIPS Software Sensation
September/October 2009
 Bombs Away! Super Profits Reported by 2 Florida
   Handicappers: J.B. & Milton Weinblatt
A Super Fast Spot Play!
 26-page Issue                                   
November/Decemeber 2009
 Learn How to Spot the Signals if Today is the Day. A Study of Trainer Intentions.
 26-page Issue


January/February 2010
 TIPS Corner: Is Your Horse Ready? A review
of the LWO<5 tipoff.
 Shopping for VALUE & Exotics with a Report from Milton Weinblatt.
March/April 2010

 The 2009 Breeders Cup: Incisive Handicapping
    Strategies by Art Baker (Longshot Lane)
 The TIPS Corner: The Even Finish Tipoff
 26-page Issue

May/June 2010
 H.F.'s Exotic Methodology
 West Coast Lightning with a Report
    from B.K.
 Monster Longshot Alert
July/August 2010
 TIPS Exacta Block Buster!
    Report from J.B. of Florida
 Identifying False Favorites in Graded Stakes

September/October 2010
 The Road to Profits II with          
    a Report from Milton Weinblatt
 Enormous Payoff Alert!
November/December 2010
 Big Four Spot Play Update
 Powerhouse Horse Tipoff Isolates 
    a Horse Who Means Business!
January/February 2011
 Two Dynamite Angles!
 Reader Survey
March/April 2011
 Keys to Unlocking the Handicapping Puzzle
 Money Management
 25-page Issue

May/June 2011
Currently Unavailable



July/August 2011
 Triple Threat Contender Screen: The Layoff,
    WUTT & WSWP TIPS - You Bet!

♦  Correction to 3rd Case Study, May/June 2011 Issue
 26-page Issue

September/October 2011
 Playing Against the Trainer


November/December 2011
 Finding a Niche & Wheeling Exactas
 TIPS Review: The Fresh Horse Plus Tipoff
 30-page Issue
January/February 2012
No Issue
March/April 2012
No Issue
May/June 2012
 Strategies for "Super" Racing Days
 New Beginnings - Be Alert For This
    Approach Can Jumpstart Your Profits!
July/August 2012
 Breeding Success Leads to Handicapping Success! Dam Statistics
 Bonus 28-page Issue
September/October 2012
 Addendum to Article on Dam Statistics
    with New Case Studies

Review of the Mini-Arrow Tipoff
 Bonus 28-page Issue

November/December 2012
No Issue



January/February 2013
No Issue
March/April 2013
No Issue
May/June 2013
 Uncoupled Entries: Love Them or      
    Hate Them, But Don't Ignore Them!

♦ Recent Plays from My Selection Service
 Bonus 32-page Issue


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