BEST BETS continue to SIZZLE!
Below is a list for last week for dates 4-21-18 - 4-27-18.
To summarize, five of six won with ROI to win 101%. 
Five of six ran 2nd.
All six ran 3rd-100% in -the-money with ROI to show 27%. 
The very high collection rate yields to leveraged wagering, allowing you to maximize your profit by employing limited parlay or straight parlay approach to work at boosting your bottom line without appreciable added risk. Here's the results:
9th Keeneland
1ST Aueduct
(late scratches-no show wagering)
7th Tampa Bay
2nd Golden Gate
exacta key suggested front back over:
Hot Encounter
Cannonball Common
Returned $17.20
3rd Penn National
3rd Golden Gate

The Best Bet of the day for Sunday, June 18 was Bendable from Race 4 Santa Anita. This was a five horse field.  Bendable ran an absolutely terrific race, and rallied in determined fashion to win!  $8.00 Win ♦ $4.40 Place ♦ $2.60 Show
ROI FOR THE BEST BET WAS 48.5%! Try getting that from any bank!
Since we tightened up the Best Bet criteria in mid-April, majority of days have shown an ROI in the 15%-30% range!  There were a few days with 7-10%, and several days with ROI 40-60%. There have also been a couple of days with ROI 80-120%! There was only one day since the third day of April which showed a loss on the day, during this 2 month period!
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Nice job on the Best Bet [today].  I really liked that horse.  I’ve made a career out of being bendable.  Surprised you made it 7-2. I thought the 3-1 odds Best Bets went off at was outstanding, though I know you tend not to like to play to win, the exact opposite of me.  Best wishes, art

Best Bets continue to be on a roll! There has not been a losing day in our Best Bets Service since April 22, 2017. I tightened up my Best Bets handicapping criteria, and the results are outstanding! For the majority of days, the ROI has been between 15% - 30%, with an overall range from 5% on just two days, to as high as 70%(See all the plans here.)

For example, we had a huge ROI for June 14, 2017!! Place and show returned over 75% ROI, and if you included our suggested 2 horse exacta the ROI was 112%. If you invested only in the exacta, the ROI was 460%.

On most days there is one selection, and on occasion there are two. With the stricter criteria, about once a week I do not find a selection from among the 3 tracks I examine. This approach is ideal for leveraging your wagers with place or show parlays to build your bankroll. In sum, our Best Bets Service is ALL about PROFITS and not necessarily about action - there is an important difference! Only serious handicappers need apply!

A Preakness selections subscriber landed a net profit of $846 by using Jon's selection and wagering recommendations for the Preakness and another collected $490 in the same race!

100% in-the money for our Best Bets Selections over 6 days!

Six came in 1st and ALL 9 ran 2nd or 3rd!

ROI to Win = 23%  ~  ROI to Place = 46%  ~  ROI to Show = 19%

Perfect for Parlays as a way to compound your profits! And if you had included the recommended Exacta, your ROI would have skyrocketed an additional 50%!!

"Excellent picks today. I caught the exacta 2/3 twice in the first. I then took your advice and back bets. I put $4.80 in a ten-cent super in the fifth using the 9 as key and hit for $335.00. Keep up the good work." (from a California handicapper)

Best Bet selections have shown huge profits! Subscribe today so you don't miss out! (Also, here is a little background about myself.)

Here is a recent email from one of our Premium Best Bets Selection Service clients:

"Well done Jon. Only people with a business mind can understand how good the results have been. So many people fantasize about going to the track with fifty dollars and coming home with a thousand plus dollars.Usually unattainable in the long run.
Taking the conservative approach is the best in the long term. The thing I will need to do is find my comfort level as to the amount to bet."In the less than two weeks that I have received your selections I have done quite well. I made two separate bankrolls. One, playing the win/show (I bet even heavier on show) and the second bankroll I fudge a bit. When according to my analysis I did not like the selection,I did not make a bet ( RAVISHINGLY on the 8th and PERFORMANCE BONUS on the 11th). Both bankrolls are up substantially.
As a way of introduction, I first learned how to handicap from my dad, the late Tom Worth. He was the developer of the highly acclaimed POPS and TIPS handicapping method and founder of Tom Worth Publishing Co. He was a top-notch handicapper and author of many successful spot play methods, all highly rated and well-received. He taught me how to handicap in the early 1980's. In 1984, I began in earnest, doing both horse racing research for my dad and my own handicapping. It's been a love affair ever since! If you want to know more, 

It’s important to note, as many of our TIPS Report subscribers/handicappers know, I tend to be conservative yet profit-oriented in my handicapping approach as my goal is for both you and me to cash in on horses who run in-the-money! I often recommend place and show wagers. However, this does not mean that I don’t ever find long shots, because indeed I do!