The Four Aces+2 Spot Play Method

NEW Spot Play! 45% WIN! 

An exciting NEW spot play titled The Four Aces+2 Spot Play, with your choice of a print or download version. 

With horses running in-the-money at a rate of 90%, and a Win rate of 45% with a $6 average Win mutuel, The Four Aces+2 Power Play will help you spot solid selections with steady, profitable returns. Choose an option below:

Order the PRINT version for $32.95 with FREE shipping to USA*; or

Order the DOWNLOAD version for $21.95.

Use one of links below to order online or call Jon at 401-921-5158 to order by phone.

(*For shipping fee outside USA please email

Product   Price
The Four Aces+2 Power Play Method: PRINT Version  
Orig.: $34.95
Sale: $32.95
The Four Aces+2 Power Play Method: DOWNLOAD Version  
Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $21.95

Background: After detecting a dynamic combination of handicapping factors that honed in on horses who regularly ran in the money, Jon researched and developed guidelines that he tested and fine tuned until he was satisfied they consistently pointed to horses primed, fit and ready to compete to win or to finish in the money. Jon then did a one month live play workout at a mid-size track that confirmed he had a solid money-making spot play.

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