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SOFTWARE: The Four Aces+2 Spot Play
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Software for The Four Aces+2 Spot Play Method

Includes: the Software for The Four Aces+2 Spot Play AND the print version of the spot play  

Just inHere are another two 'Reports from the Field' from handicappers who emailed Jon. that Jon received via email. He's fielded a few phone calls, similar in nature, as well!

First up is from a NY handicapper. Jim is visiting in Florida and decided to try the Four Aces+2 software at Tampa Bay. 

On February 2nd in Race 5, the software isolated Reeder, who won and paid:
$18.40 - $9 - $5.40
Jim added in his message that the $18.40 win was a bit of an aberration, (meaning that while the Four Aces is extremely consistent and produces a very high win place and show collection rate, generally with Four Aces win mutuels range from approximately from $4 to about $9. However, as you can see, there are occasional longer prices; the highest odds I have seen myself, (or reported by others), have ranged from about 5-1 up to 11-1, (at least thus far).
Jim added that during his time in Florida, he is tracking Tampa using the Four Aces software and so far the method is performing very well there!
Next up is one Jon received on Friday, February 8th from an east coast handicapper using the Four Aces software at Turf Paradise for 2-11-19:
The results?? FANTASTIC!! Four of his 5 selections won; you may at first glance think the mutuels are on the low side, but keep in mind - 4 out of 5 came in first! How can you argue against a steady collection rate! 
Race 1: Rockin Emmzy - $3.20 Win.
Race 2: Siena - $4.40 Win. 
Race 4: Trips Up - $5.10 Win. 
Race 7: Leah - $5 Win. 
Now, of course not every day will be an 80% Win day; however, the win/place/show collection rates have been and continue to remain high: 
  • Typically, win collection rates have ranged from 39% to as high as 45% with roi ranging from 26% to 32%; 
  • Place collection rates range from 74% to as high as 78%, with a very decent roi ranging 38-43%;
  • Show collection rates range from 89-96% with show roi ranging from 26% up to as high as 32%. Ideal for parlays!
(A handicapper mentioned to Jon on the phone last week that he believed place can be the best value wager around. In fact, we have numerous past issues of the TIPS Reports - December 1993 & July-Aug 1997 to name a couple - that reveal a dynamite roi one southern California handicapper earned, betting $$$ to placewith every selection detailed in those reports. Download and print versions are available for those two issues - give Jon a call if you'd like more info.)

Here's the message from the east coast handicapper referenced above who had isolated 4 winners out of 5 selections using the Four Aces+2 software on his first day of using it! 
-----Original Message-----
From: srs@
To: Jon <
Sent: Fri, Feb 8, 2019 4:51 pm
Subject: 4 Aces

So there I was with this new software.  Decided to run it through today's AQU card.

And the results are using the Top 4 selection ..

5 picks with 4 winners paying $3.20, $4.40, $5.10, $5.00.

Thank you Jon


Software developed by RPM. You may order directly through us on this page.

You can find the specifics for The Four Aces+2 Spot Play here. 

Please give Jon a call at 401-219-6009 with any questions or email Jon at:

tipsreport@aol.com or


Thank you!

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