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   The Elite Eight Spot Play Method for Horse Racing
    It's Red Hot!!!!!!!!!!

Straightforward and easy to use. 

No prior experience with TIPS handicapping is required.

A great introduction to TIPS handicapping.

Super easy for those already familiar with the highly rated TIPS handicapping method.

Actual case studies of handicapped races will walk you through step-by-step.

2015 Collection Rates & Average Mutuels (at time of publication)

  • WIN rate is 50% - with average win mutuels north of $5
  • Place rate is a fantastic 65% - with average place mutels at $3.40+
  • Show rate is 88% - with an average show mutuel of $2.80

(continued below, including a client's insight into results)

Run outs on show bets are minuscule, making this a great spot play for handicappers who want to make money. Terrific spot play for show parlays and leveraging, even ‘due’ columns! Easy to use! After applying the contender screen, you examine a few horses for the elite TIPS, and there you have it! 

I have used The Elite 8 method for our Selection Service, which prompted these comments from a client:

"Well done Jon. Only people with a business mind can understand how good the results have been. So many people fantasize about going to the track with fifty dollars and coming home with a thousand plus dollars.Usually unattainable in the long run.
In the less than two weeks that I have received your selections I have done quite well. I made two separate bankrolls. One, playing the win/show (I bet even heavier on show) and the second bankroll I fudge a bit.
When according to my analysis I did not like the selection,I did not make a bet (RAVISHINGLY on the 8th and PERFORMANCE BONUS on the 11th). Both bankrolls are up substantially.
Taking the conservative approach is the best in the long term."

A note for newcomers: Welcome! Jon Worth's dad, the late Tom Worth, developed the widely acclaimed TIPS Handicapping Method. "TIPS" are angles and plays which can point you toward “live” horses, many at long shot prices. These angles help you zero in on well-meant horses, ones who are in good current form and ready to run his best effort today. 

The TIPS Update divides the tipoffs into two categories: Trainer TIPS and Horse TIPS. Use a combination of these tipoffs to isolate strong selections.

We also offer back issues of the The TIPS Report. Each issue is like a handicapping seminar with many featuring reports from fellow handicappers from across the country regarding their own successes and experiences at handicapping the races, along with the angles that guided them to profitable results.

TIPS handicapping is one of best kept secrets among winning handicappers - join them!

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