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    TIPS Explosion! Handicapper lands $676 exacta
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Like most people, I just love receiving calls and letters, though in our age of electronic communication, 99% of 'letters' are emails, although the sentiment and my enjoyment is still the same as the written letter. Furthermore, whether you call, email or write to ask a question or to discuss a handicapping concept or idea, it energizes me and serves as an instant pickup! Just love hearing from you one way or another! Phone calls of course have an immediacy and conversational give and take, and while letters are not as immediate, they too are always nice to receive.

And how nice over the past week it's been to hear from fellow handicappers. A few calls and emails were questions about TIPS, (handicapping angles), as well as on the TIPS related handicapping software. AND one call was a blockbuster of a report from MJ, a Midwest handicapper, on the TIPS software. He thought he had misplaced his software and was thinking about ordering a replacement, but said he would first recheck his desk area, and then in a subsequent email he shared terrific results with the software. Before I relay his report, let me first give a bit of background:

In my chats with those who called about the software, one of the topics we discussed was the software's “Bonus Box” feature. For the first two years or so, following the release of the TIPS software, many users called or emailed me about this dynamite feature. For example, in the first nine or 10 months alone, I probably received close to 20 very excited messages detailing how 'Bonus Box' horses won, finished in-the-money or steered the person to a huge long shot, off at 20, 25, 30-1 and occasionally even higher odds. Some handicappers would relate a statement such as: “top rated tips horse ran 3rd, but the other horse in the bonus box came in, (again), and won and paid $50 to win!” 

Repeatedly, handicappers called to relate how the Bonus Box often isolated some well meant contenders at long shot odds, 10-1 up to 40-1 and occasionally 50-1! (We devoted a few issues of the TIPS Report to these very exciting discussions, and the response was tremendous and at times nearly unbelieveable. If I hadn’t heard from so many different handicappers, it would have been!)

Let's now get back to MJ. He emailed a couple of days later to confirm he indeed found his TIPS Software and had reinstalled it. He then shared his incredibly exciting results, reminiscent of the many reports I've received in the past. Here's his email:

-----Original Message-----
From: MJ
To: jonworth <jonworth@worthhandicapping.
Sent: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 3:27 am
Subject: found tips software; miracle longshot wins;

jon: unbelievable! after i finished my email to you i found the tips software. it was mislabeled. once i got it up and running i checked race #12 at gulfstream on 1/28/18. i checked that particular race because bob pandolfo's pace handicapping longshots approach liked the 5 horse, forest gator who won and paid $74. he was helped by the fact that the 9 threw the rider at the start and impeded the 8, paden severely who was flying at the end and finished a close up second. wouldn't you know it tips software was all over paden and had forest gator in the bonus box. the $2 exacta paid $676. long live tips! talk to you soon.

What an exciting race! MJ had the winner AND the exacta! You would be hard pressed to ask for a better financial outcome for the Bonus Box horses! You can imagine how MJ was extremely pleased to have found his TIPS Software. I'm sure he'll be making excellent use of it again soon!

For several years I handicapped the Gulfstream Winter meet almost every day it ran. This year I have handicapped it one or two days per week, mainly on weekdays, other than the weekend with the $16,000,000 World Cup Purse. Thus, MJ's incredible long shot was BIG NEWS for me.

After hearing from him, I downloaded the past performances of the race, Sunday, January 28, 2018. As you can deduce from MJ’s email, this is no exaggeration to term the payoffs from this race to be a blockbuster outcome!    After reading MJ’s email, I immediately downloaded the past performances for the date he found this enormous blockbuster TIPS winner—and exacta! I looked over the past performances and within seconds I spotted some excellent handicapping signals that are part of TIPS handicapping and defined in the TIPS Update, including several Horse TIPS, including ones that when found together combine to form 'Significant Pairs' that can be pure dynamite as they hint at potential excellent rounding into form.

One of the Horse TIPS showing isn’t as obvious and can signal to TIPS handicappers in-the-know a strong, in-form horse which others may easily overlook.  If this tipoff had been obvious, it could thus have alerted many more handicappers, and therefore the horse then may have had more backers at the betting windows than a Miss America contestant visiting an all male college. 

You can use the TIPS Methodology and by extension the TIPS Software to handicap any type of race. However, TIPS works most effectively and profitably in maiden claiming, claiming, restricted claiming and maiden special weight races.

And indeed, the race we’ll briefly discuss, courtesy of MJ, is a claiming race, carded for 6.5 furlongs. Again, this was the 12th race at Gulfstream on January 28, 2018.

I examined the contenders and immediately spotted a Horse TIP contributed to TIPS by one of subscribers, and this tipoff, which was a favorite handicapping angle of frequent and long time contributor to the TIPS Report, H.F. a New Jersey handicapper, may he rest in peace.  H.F., (Henry), used this tipoff as one of his favorite "key," tipoffs.  Furthermore, Since he and I corresponded for over 10 years, I know for a fact that if H.F. were still with us, he would absolutely have wagered on the $70 winner, as two of his favorite TIPS, (including one he loved to "key" on, and as noted above, one he was kind enough to share with TIPS Report subscribers was showing in Forest Gator’s past performances.  

Any horse showing this TIP was an automatic contender for H.F. and candidate for his favorite wager, an exacta box, which became his bread & butter. He made thousands and thousands of dollars over the 10-11 years he and I corresponded, first by letter and then, over the last 7-8 years, regularly by phone at least once or twice a month. He would call his selections, "Jon-Henry selections."  (He coined the Jon-Henry term to give a name to his basic approach handicapping approach, while at the same time giving a tip of his hat to his favorite all-time stakes horse champion, the immortal John Henry. In addition, he also just loved the pun the "Jon-Henry" designation brought to mind, his favorite stakes horse, while at the same time referring to his hybrid handicapping approach, (Jon, for Jon Worth) combined with his own handicapping ideas, which made for him a dynamite combination.

In fact, as an aside, Henry cashed so many exotics, many of them quite large, most with relatively modest wagers, ($12-$20), he was so grateful for having learned TIPS handicapping and combining it with a few of his favorite angles. The combined power and effectiveness of combining his angles with a few carefully selected Tom Worth tipoffs, the result for Henry was tremendous success and profits.   His success was not short lived, but rather sustained for years, and after a few years he wanted to send us extra money. After we politely protested his kind gesture, he then urged me repeatedly to take my family to dinner at our favorite restaurant and send him the bill. And after his repeated insistance, one lovely summer evening, Mary, Elizabeth and I did just that and went to the Top Of The Bay restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful waterfront dinner, courtesy of H.F. and his terrific TIPS handicapping!

By careful observation and assiduously searching for seven or eight favorite factors, combined being very selective in the types of races he handicapped, H.F. regularly found 2 - 4 selections per handicapping day. Now, you may think this is a low number, but keep in mind he wagered exotics and was patient in waiting for a race and field that fit his criterion. And his strategy paid off nicely! 

H.F. was the 2nd most frequent contributor to the TIPS Report, 12 issues in all and surpassed only by the late, great Milton Weiblatt.  In fact, Henry over the years, he shared so many exotics in our TIPS Report issues that we finally put together a package of H.F.'s 10 issues which feature his best contributions.  The result??   Henry's collection of TIPS Report articles is our most popular collection ever, in which he essentially shows you step by step what factors to search for and to focus upon, as well as shares many of his terrific results. His approach, which you can use whether or not you use the TIPS Software, was, as many of the best approaches, simple, straightforward, and best of all incredibly effective and profitable. For example, one race that he and another TIPS handicapper, Joe C, had yielded an $1,100 exacta, along with a $13,000 trifecta, is in one of those issues in the H.F. collection.

Henry used his favorite tipoffs, and his Jon-Henry approach where it is most effective: maiden claiming, maiden special weight, claiming, conditional allowance races mainly for young horses.  

Now, after my reminiscence, which was prompted by Forest Gator showing one or two of Henry's favorite tipoffs, let's return to the present and Gulfstream's 12th race on Jamuary 28, 2014. Forest Gator, was 30-1 in the Morning Line which would not have made a whit of difference to Henry. He certainly would have included Gator in an exacta box because Gator was showing H.F.'s favorite TIP along with 3 other Horse TIPS for a total of four. Any horse 

who shows 4 horse tipoffs should be considered.As noted above, H.F. would have had the winning horse because Gator showed his favorite angle and would have had the exacta as Paden was the Morning Line favorite. His approach, which you can use whether or not you use the TIPS Software, was, as many of the best approaches, simple, straightforward, and best of all incredibly effective and profitable.

While H.F. would have isolated Gator through paper and pencil handicapping, MJ used the software to isolate this terrific TIPS longshot, which also yielded a Bonus Box exacta. The software is excellent at doing the heavy lifting of TIPS handicapping.

A condensed paper and pencil version of TIPS for those handicappers who prefer that over software, or who also want a paper and pencil handicapping approach as a companion to using the software, I strongly encourage the H.F. (Henry's), Longshot & Exotics Package. It's a powerhouse that serves as a TIPS spot play approach for long shots and targeting exactas and also as a way for paper and pencil handicappers to achieve similar successes as software handicappers. While Henry's paper and pencil approach is a fantastic supplement and companion to the software, you may use Henry's approach with or without the software.  It is incredibly quick and easy to use, and helps you focus your energy and attention on a few of the most profitable types of races.

Special packages:

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Sept-Oct 2008 TIPS Report
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July-August 2010 TIPS Report
Not to be outdone, fellow Floridian J.B. recounts his enormous Bonus Box long shot winner at Gulfstream who returned a nearly unbelievable $167.60 and keyed a $1,155 exacta!

This specially priced TIPS Software package is available only until February 23, 2018. Don't miss out! Spot TIPS horses overlooked by others that pay big prices. Order here.


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Please give me a call at 401-921-5158 or email me at tipsreport@aol.com with questions, discussion points or to order by phone.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jon Worth

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