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Minute to Win-It for Sprints

A Spot Play to Help You Detect, Select & Collect on In-The-Money Horses in Sprint Races  Details here! Choose between Print or Download formats.

Essay: "Reflections on Saratoga & A Lesson to Remember"

Essay! "Reports from the Field" - Read it here.

Profitable results with the Four Aces+2 Spot Play reported by handicappers - details here

SOFTWARE for The Four Aces+2 can now be ordered on our website - here's what handicappers have recently reported using the software!

The Even Finish Method now available as a DOWNLOAD

Handicapper scores on $44.80 Fitness Factor horse & $190.40 Exacta  

New! Four Aces+2 Spot Play rated "very good 8" by Phillips Racing Newsletter

►► Handicappers report terrific profits with The Four Aces+2 Spot Play 

We're receiving tremendous feedback about our new method 4 Aces+2 Spot Play! Here are just a few messages from handicappers:

-----Original Message-----

From: L
To: TIPS Report 
Sent: Wed, Oct 17, 2018 9:19 am
Subject: Re: 4 aces+2--feedback


Received 4-Aces +2 today. I'm digesting it as I write this. The new initial screen is, again, simply genius. I totally agree with the importance of the ACE trainer. I'll keep you posted 
as to my progress with 4-Aces.

Thank You,
We've also rec'd several phone calls reporting similar results, including this west-coast handicapper who noted the following:
hi jon, I just wanted to touch base and tell you that I played your new method (4 Aces) today and made some dough with it 
this system is a winner and easy to use thank you much for some more firepower at the races!

And this from an east-coast handicapper:

Just received your 4 Aces spot play today--had four selections, all finished in-the-money and two of them won!

►► SOFTWARE for The Four Aces+2 can be ordered on our website

We've also been hearing great things on the software for The Four Aces+2 Spot PlayYou can now order the software on our website; find details here.

Just inHere are another two 'Reports from the Field' from handicappers who emailed Jon. that Jon received via email. He's fielded a few phone calls, similar in nature, as well!

First up is from a NY handicapper. Jim is visiting in Florida and decided to try the Four Aces+2 software at Tampa Bay. 

On February 2nd in Race 5, the software isolated Reeder, who won and paid:
$18.40 - $9 - $5.40
Jim added in his message that the $18.40 win was a bit of an aberration, (meaning that while the Four Aces is extremely consistent and produces a very high win place and show collection rate, generally with Four Aces win mutuels range from approximately from $4 to about $9. However, as you can see, there are occasional longer prices; the highest odds I have seen myself, (or reported by others), have ranged from about 5-1 up to 11-1, (at least thus far).
Jim added that during his time in Florida, he is tracking Tampa using the Four Aces software and so far the method is performing very well there!
Next up is one Jon received on Friday, February 8th from an east coast handicapper using the Four Aces software at Turf Paradise for 2-11-19:
The results?? FANTASTIC!! Four of his 5 selections won; you may at first glance think the mutuels are on the low side, but keep in mind - 4 out of 5 came in first! How can you argue against a steady collection rate! 
Race 1: Rockin Emmzy - $3.20 Win.
Race 2: Siena - $4.40 Win. 
Race 4: Trips Up - $5.10 Win. 
Race 7: Leah - $5 Win. 
Now, of course not every day will be an 80% Win day; however, the win/place/show collection rates have been and continue to remain high: 
  • Typically, win collection rates have ranged from 39% to as high as 45% with roi ranging from 26% to 32%; 
  • Place collection rates range from 74% to as high as 78%, with a very decent roi ranging 38-43%;
  • Show collection rates range from 89-96% with show roi ranging from 26% up to as high as 32%. Ideal for parlays!
(A handicapper mentioned to Jon on the phone last week that he believed place can be the best value wager around. In fact, we have numerous past issues of the TIPS Reports - December 1993 & July-Aug 1997 to name a couple - that reveal a dynamite roi one southern California handicapper earned, betting $$$ to placewith every selection detailed in those reports. Download and print versions are available for those two issues - give Jon a call if you'd like more info.)

Here's the message from the east coast handicapper referenced above who had isolated 4 winners out of 5 selections using the Four Aces+2 software on his first day of using it! 
-----Original Message-----
From: srs@
To: Jon <
Sent: Fri, Feb 8, 2019 4:51 pm
Subject: 4 Aces

So there I was with this new software.  Decided to run it through today's AQU card.

And the results are using the Top 4 selection ..

5 picks with 4 winners paying $3.20, $4.40, $5.10, $5.00.

Thank you Jon

► You can now order The Even Finish Method as a DOWNLOAD

First, you have been asking for years now---and finally the EVEN Finish spot play method is finally available via download! This means you can have the spot play the same day you order it!

The testimonials for the Even Finish continue to roll in. Just in the last 10 days, I've heard from more people hitting long shots with The Even Finish, including:

one at Gulfstream which paid off at 20-1!!  

a west coast handicapper wrote two days ago to report on a few Even Finish Spot Play horses who finished in-the-money @ 40-1, (that's right 40-1, and two others off at over 10-1!!).

If you haven't yet ordered the Even Finish Spot Play, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT 
Find the Print version here and Download here.

► Handicapper scores $44.80 Win & $190.40 Exacta with the Fitness Factor Method

A New Jersey handicapper reports on how he cashed in on a horse on January 4, 2019 at Gulfstream paying $44.80 to Win by handicapping with The Fitness Factor Spot Play Method, and moreover, he also scored with the exacta which returned $190.40! What a great way to start out the New Year!

We have received many, many emails and calls regarding the Fitness Factor including about seven to eight alone from Gary M. during a month-long stretch in February and March of 2017. On March 25th Gary referenced in his email: 

"in race 6 at Santa Anita there were 2 Fitness horses, the Drysdale trained horse, and Helen Hillary, trained by Phil D'Amato. Both went off at long odds, (Drysdale horse at over 20-1, and D'Amato horse at over 50-1). I wagered win place on both of them. The Drysdale horse finished out, but D'Amato horse won by a nose at over 50-1 and paid $106.40 win, $30.00 place. The exacta of Helen with post time favorite returned $174.80 for $1."

With so many maiden races on the horizon throughout the winter, spring and summer meets, don't miss out on these potential huge windfalls from long shots which you can isolate by making good use of the Fitness Factor.

You can handicap any type of race if you have the right tools--and the Fitness Factor provides you with just the right tools to help you isolate horses that can and do pay huge mutuels!

We'll be featuring the Gulfstream Fitness Factor horse in a case study in a future issue of The TIPS Report, but in the meantime, read the NJ handicpper's exciting message here.

If you already own this dynamic method but are not yet using it, by all means take it out and review the guidelines. Many handicappers have reported great results with this method. 

If you don't yet own this dynamite method, you can order it in print or download version. 

Give Jon a call or email him with any questions: 401-219-6009  or tipsreport@aol.com

► Our NEW Four Aces+2 Spot Play rated "very good 8" by Phillips Racing Newsletter 

If you subscribe to the Phillips Racing Newsletter, you may have seen the review we received for The Four ACES+2 Spot Play Method. Here is an excerpt from that review, which was rated a "Very Good 8!"

"Although we didn't quite have a top ten systems in 2018, we're off to a quick start this year with this method that will surely make the top handicapping items list of 2019: Four aces +2 Spot Play Method
is the latest system from Tom Worth."

"You'll find about 3 plays on a typical 9 race card, and you may use either the Daily Racing Form or BRISNET for your handicapping. (We, [PRN] always use the Daily Racing Form.) From either of those you'll quickly be able to identify your 2 or 3 contenders."

"Our, [PRN's test of the 4 Aces spot play], were actually slightly better than Mr. Worth's workout. Our {PRN's results} showed a win % of 43% and an average win mutuel of $6.40, and an ROI of 38%."

"So it looks like yet another winning from the Tom Worth Publishing Co. Many who purchased the method seem to agree as Mr. Worth forwarded us several very positive e-mails he's received from satisfied customers. We certainly think most horseplayers should give it a try. All things considered, such results, price, refund guarantee, etc., the Four Aces + 2 Spot-Play definitely deserves a high rating. Therefore, make it a very good 8!"

If you haven't yet ordered The Four Aces+2 Spot Play, you may opt for either the print or download version. Find details here.

Wishing you health, happiness and profits!

Tom Worth Publishing Co.
(401) 219-6009

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