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Product   Price
SPOT PLAY: The Elite Eight Handicapping Method, 2015 - Download   $29.00
SPOT PLAY: The Fitness Factor & Addendum ~ Download   $24.95
***NEWLY Added*** SPOT PLAY: The Four Aces+2 Power Play Method: DOWNLOAD  
Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
***NEWLY Added*** SPOT PLAY: The Super Cluster II Method DOWNLOAD  
Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
SPOT PLAY: The Even Finish Handicapping Method: DOWNLOAD  
Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $18.95
SPOT PLAY: Place-to-Win for Routes by Tom & Jon Worth - Download   $10.00
SPOT PLAY: Show-a-Profit: A Maiden Method with Postscript - Download   $19.95
TIPS Report Sept/Oct 1995: A Reader's Steady Profits with Show-a-Profit   $7.00
TIPS Report Nov/Dec 1996: UDB/TIPS Longshot - UDB is a POWERFUL Angle! WUTT Blockbusters; Q&A on True Class Figure   $7.00
TIPS Report Jan/Feb 1997: An easy and effective spot play, plus we introduce a new TIP   $7.00
TIPS Report Mar/Apr 1997: An Addendum to popular No Racing Form Spot Play; HWO & FH TIPS Refinements; Q&A: What is a fast workout?   $7.00
TIPS Report Nov/Dec 1997: A Powerhouse Spot Play: The Sully UDB - Very popular!   $7.00
TIPS Report Sept/Oct 1998: The UDB and a net profit of $1,500 in 1 month   $7.00
***NEWLY Added*** TIPS Report Jan/Feb 1999: Exotic Wagering Strategies for Best Bets; The Improving Beyer Angle   $7.00
TIPS Report Jul/Aug 2000: Sizzling Save Play Workout; Big Score from Monmouth; Exotic Wagering Strategy for Best Bets   $7.00
TIPS Report Jan/Feb 2001: Exotic Finish Strategy using EV Angle - Hugely Profitable!   $7.00
TIPS Report Sept/Oct 2001: The Exacta Wheel and Trifecta Wagering   $7.00
TIPS Report May/June 2004: H.F.'s $$ Exotic Wagerer & The 1st Claim TIP   $7.00
TIPS Report Jul/Aug 2004: Well-Spaced-Workout TIP & 2 Other Articles   $7.00
TIPS Report Sept/Oct 2006: TIPS & the Break TIP   $7.00
TIPS Report May/June 2007: Fast Return Since Last Out Points to $18 Win   $7.00
***NEWLY Added*** TIPS Report Jul/Aug 2007: The 7-11 Return TIP scores another longshot, plus a discussion on this dynamite TIP.   $7.00
TIPS Report Nov/Dec 2007: Exotic Wagering   $7.00
TIPS Report Jan/Feb 2008: The Super Cluster and Long Shots!   $7.00
TIPS Report Sept/Oct 2009: Super PROFITS reported & Super FAST Spot Play   $7.00
TIPS Report Jul/Aug 2012: Breeding Success Leads to Big Profits   $7.00
***NEWLY Added*** TIPS Report May/June 2018: Half Maiden Class Win TIP; Review of Fresh Horse Okay TIP. Bonus issue with 31 pages!   $7.00
***NEWLY Added*** TIPS Report Mar/Apr 2019: The Fitness Factor scores huge hits for 3 handicappers! Exciting!   $7.00
The Fish Barrel Method - A Tom Worth system originally published in 1973   $7.00
The Lock Method - A Tom Worth system originally published in 1974   $7.00
Instant Profits Method - A Tom Worth system originally published in 1975   $7.00
The Money Machine - A Tom Worth method originally published in 1979   $7.00
The Easy P-F Play - A Tom Worth method originally published in 1980   $7.00
3 how-to articles for handicapping Big Name Stakes Races & Breeders Cup   $18.00
Choose 2 how-to articles for handicapping the Breeders Cup and Big Name Stakes Races   $12.00
Milton Weinblatt's Plan for Super Racing Days from May/June 2012 TIPS Report - Download   $7.00
Milton Weinblatt's Exotic Wagering Strategies from Mar/Apr 2009 TIPS Report - Download   $7.00
Art Baker's Strategies for Handicapping the Breeders' Cup   $7.00
The Addendum to The Fitness Factor ~ Downloadable Version   $10.00

Here's the fine print that we wouldn't even mention had we not had problems with a couple of former customers, (separate from one another), and we honestly detest that we even have to spell this out because we know 99.99% of you would never do this.

All our publications, including our downloads, are our copyrighted intellectual property, and may not be copied, (other than for your own personal use); may not be duplicated, may not be electronically transmitted through any means, may not be faxed, may not be converted into an e-book, and may not be retyped and sold, and in sum cannot be sold or posted in any form and may not even be copied to give away.

In essence, our publications whether in print or as a download, are for your own personal use. As some of you know we are very small family operation and rely on your integrity, of which we are greatly appreciate.

We only bring this up because we've had a couple of cases when former customers were selling unauthorized copies of our publications to sell. One man even went as far to convert our printed publications into e-books without our permission and even went as far as claiming them as his own works!

Thus we are vigilant, and some of you have alerted us whenever you suspect someone has pirated our works. Thank you for that!!

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