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    The Fitness Factor Spot Play Method & Addendum
     Terrific & EXCITING for handicapping maidens - spot what others overlook!

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If you have avoided maiden races because you believe they are too unpredictable, you will find the keys to success with The Fitness Factor & Addendum Horse Racing System for handicapping thoroughbred horse racing. Learn how to capitalize on maiden races, ones that many choose to pass! If you already handicap maidens, we believe the Fitness Factor Addendum will help boost your overall profit.

Results from Jon's 3-week, 2 tracks live play workout:

47 selections, with an average of 2 plays per day per track, with 48% winners and 81% finishing in-the-money. The average win mutuel was $8.14. The ROI to win was 99%This does not include the Addendum, (was not yet fully developed), which hones in on long shots

When you use the Fitness Factor & Addendum, you should find about 3 selections per track per day & enjoy higher mutuels, on average!



Details on The Fitness Factor are below, but first here's a Report from handicapper on how he collected on a $44.80 Fitness Factor horse:

-----Original Message-----
From: K.........
To: TIPS Report <
Sent: Fri, Jan 4, 2019 4:36 pm
Subject: Fitness Factor GP Jan4 race 7 today

Hey Jon:  Today is the first day I used the fitness factor since receiving the package I ordered. Maybe I had a bit of beginners luck but I got a really strong feeling about this race after reviewing the field and the FF contenders and had no problem structuring my bets. 
GP race 7 Jan 04, 2019 1Mile Turf  Maiden 35K claiming
I bet $10 Win and Place on the 4 Sand  Drift and a $2 exacta box 4-13 and saver $2 straight exacta 13-4 
#4 Sand Drift  Won and paid $44.80  $15.60 $7.20
4-13  $2 exacta Paid $190.40
As I went through the race there were only a few horses with the qualifying fitness

We continue to receive a great number of positive reports from handicappers who use the Fitness Factor Spot Play & the new AddendumThe feedback is just tremendous, more so than nearly any other method in recent memory, aside of Place-to-Win, Show-a-Profit and of course, the complete TIPS Handicapping Methodology.

Shortly after we released the Fitness Factor, (FF), several handicappers reported multiple long shot collections, strong profits and a high collection rate. One handicapper detailed in emails his huge profits and high rate of success from using the FF, which is typical of what we are hearing from many other handicappers.

S.V. is someone who had avoided handicapping maiden races for his entire handicapping life... until that is, the Fitness Factor opened a whole new and exhilarating world of handicapping for him! Here is a copy of his 1st email:

Hello Jon,
I wanted to let you know I did receive my order of the FF from you on Thursday.  Today was my first attempt to use it and I can’t thank you enough.  I have been playing the races for over 30 years and I have always stayed away from the maidens because I could not figure them out.  Well, after studying your FF on Thursday night here is what happened so far:

Belmont, 4 plays 3 winners ranging from $33 to $3 and 1 3rd place.

Churchill, 1 play came in 1st at $5.00
Calder, 2 plays 1 out and a 3rd
Woodbine had 4 plays and 3 winners ranging from $13 to $5.30 and a 2nd at $7.80
Hollywood had 2 plays, both came in, including 1 winner at $10

I can’t tell you how awesome this is, I hope I just haven’t got lucky today … I don’t think so it seems like such a great way to look into the races and I just love how well you explain your selections it makes it so much easier to understand … I am just a $4 win, $6 place, $8 show bettor and I made over $150 … I can’t thank you enough this makes my new retirement exciting and something to look forward to each day I play the races at least I have a chance ….”

And his success continues! Jon spoke with him on the phone, and he said that one of his plays went off at 7-1, had a heart pounding finish with his FF selection roaring from behind to gobble up 7 lengths in the stretch to catch up with the odds-on favorite for a photo finish. He said the photo sign was up for what seemed like an eternity! After a few long minutes his horse was finally announced as the winner, paying $15.60 to win! S.V. cashed his win/show wager as well as his $36.40 exacta ticket that he had made with the odds-on favorite. (Coming up from behind late in the race is typical of how FF horses compete which sure makes for a thrilling race!)

This was S.V.'s 3rd winning day in a row, nearly every cent of profit earned over those three days were from races he had been ignoring for nearly 30 years! As of this writing, his winning streak has continued, all because the FF taught him how to handicap maiden races!

Here is his report from yet another email with news about more FF selections:

"Hi Jon, just caught at Hollywood race 4 I boxed 1-3-4 the ex paid $93 and the $1 tri 273 and the winner paid $27 I played the 4 wps pd 4.40 and 3.00 ... not bragging, just thanking you for the FF ..... these were the only 3 horses who fit the FF......thanks again"

And again, here is more good news about a $173 exacta:

"Hi Jon ... just hit the 1st at Woodbine 2yo msw I boxed 4-6-8 and played the 6 wps who had a bullet work on May 22 and he won and paid $20.40 8.50 6.60 the trainer for the yr is at 43% and 71% in the money, wow how about that the 8 was 9-1 and the ex paid get this, $173.40....the public hammered the 4 down to 4/5 didn't hit the brd.  Thanks."

We have heard from many other handicappers who are using the FF with similar continued success and thus we are confident the FF & Addendum will enhance your own handicapping.

I just love this next story! A few months after we released the original FF, we received a call from a prospective client, Jack. He said he was handicapping at a race book in Reno, and noticed the man next to him was doing really well, cashing in on most of his selections.

Jack said something like, "Hey guy, what are using over there?" Our new customer said the man responded with great gusto, "I'm using the Fitness Factor - it's the greatest thing I ever used!" And then he proceeded to tell Jack how to get in touch with us, which he did and ordered the Fitness Factor, and Jack is now part of the Tom Worth handicapping community!

Indeed, the FF can help you cash in big on races that many handicappers avoid! One highly esteemed reader who has been with us for over 30 years, is a professional handicapper and is widely respected in handicapping circles, e-mailed Jon with his opinion:

“I think it (Fitness Factor) is one of your best ever.  I had a FF+ winner at Belmont yesterday that paid $5.80 to win. Low price but was 6-1 on the morning line and won easily. Today there’s a good play at Santa Anita and at Laurel.”

And yet another handicapper described the FF as truly “an elegantly crafted method, easy to follow.” Another handicapper exclaimed, “it is a real powerhouse!”

Now that you’ve read just some of the feedback we've received on the FF & Addendum, the following is a bit of background and description of the method.

In developing the FF, Jon thought long and hard while conducting his research. He did a lot of testing before settling on just a few crucial guidelines. He tested the guidelines on different types of races and found that maiden races were the best 'ground to till' as they yielded consistent and dynamite results. And as noted, many pass maiden races as they believe them to be ‘too unpredictable.’ That is good news for us because the FF will show you what to look for so you too can ‘get in line’ and cash in on maiden races that so many others choose to pass over!

As way of a bit of background, while Jon was doing the live play research workout for the original Fitness Factor method, he noticed an emerging pattern in the way of long shots that warranted more investigation. For example, a long shot during the live play workout for the Fitness Factor did not exactly qualify as a Fitness Factor selection. Yet, the horse did pass the main contender screen with flying colors, and more importantly, he finished 2nd and paid $21.80 to place and$16 to show!

After we published the original FF, Jon continued to look for horses who qualified as what he was now calling 'optionalFF selections. And what is very interesting and simply outstanding is that he found even more optional selections, (featured in the Addendum), including a $29 bomb who bested a small, six horse field at Belmont.

In the Addendum Jon explores two avenues in depth to expand the handicapping landscape so that you have greater opportunities to find even more selections, ones that pay long shot prices. The Addendum case studies also include small or 'minor league' racetracks. Such kind of races can add very juicy long shots to your profit ledger!

Here is something I find quite interesting! When you watch your various FF selections race against their competition, you will find that many of those races are quite thrilling because often the typical FF horse comes from behind. So when you see your FF is behind mid-way through the race, don’t despair! Quite often your horse will pull from behind to finish in-the-money!

Like all our publications, the FF &Addendum are written with you, the handicapper, in mind. Jon clearly explains the guidelines and the workout. He then uses actual case studies of races he handicapped using the guidelines and discusses them in detail so you can easily see the method “in action” and thus learn how to quickly use it.

And you are not left at the starting gate! We don’t take any “shortcuts” when writing our publications. The Fitness Factor is 33 pages in length and features 4 Case Studies. The Addendum is 26 pages and has 6 Case Studies. We always include our phone number, email address and postal address so that you can reach us with any questions.

As always, our goal is for you to profit from your handicapping as opposed to finding ‘action.’ (There is a difference between the two. Your goal should always be profit and NOT to feel you need to wager on every race so that you have ‘some action’ going on!)

We believe the FF & Addendum will increase your success rate. Jon worked hard in researching and developing them, keeping all of you in mind. Take advantage of the culmination of his findings and order the FF & Addendum, no matter what your level of your experience and no matter whether you wager to win, place or show and/or like to place straight or exotic bets such as exactas.

Please call, email or write with questions or comments. Jon enjoys hearing from you. And as always, our mission is to be of service to you!

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How to spot The Single Sizzler" is the subject of a handicapping essayIncluded in the essay is a discussion of how one reader used The Single Sizzler to isolate a $69 winner. When combined with the Fitness Factor, it can be quite a potent duo. Be sure to read his Essay!

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