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► With spring racing just days away, the time is ripe for maiden races and races carded for young horses, races which many handicappers avoid.

► Moreover, maiden races are often a part of the Pick 3 or Pick 6, and if you like or would like to engage in such exotics, you need to give yourself the best chance possible to cash in on them.

► Thus, you need the right handicapping tools to handicap maiden races and races carded for young horses.

► Two of our handicapping methods can keep you armed and ready to take on these potentially profitable races, each with their own style in terms of odds and consistency.

Brush up now so you can be among those who know how to cash in on maiden races, such as the handicappers below.

The first method is the Fitness Factor. This method is like a bolt of lightning, and here are 3 lightning strikes as reported by Fitness Factor handicappers.

I have been playing around with FF (Fitness Factor), check out parx Race 7 today, (horse is), off for 10 months, no wins at distance, but a qualified (to me) FF, won and paid $31.80. I will be looking for FF plays however, haven’t really explored that play too much and want to get it right when the 2 year olds show up.

Wanted to let you know about some FF+ horses from Thursday 2/25. Went to Dover Downs that day and bet the horses while the wife played some slots. At SA that day 3 

races with top Fitness Factor horses. The 3rd race that day #4 trained by Richard Baltas ran 2nd at 9-1 lost by ½ length, (paid $5.20 place and $4.20 show). In the 5th race horse trained by Peter Miller won at 7/2. In next race #7 trained by Neil Drysdale won at 11-1, (paid $25.60 win, $11.40 place and $7.00 show). Had win money on each, hit the 3 exactas and hit the double cold in 5th/6th. All 3 had the strongest Fitness Factor. Also hit one at Fair Grounds week before won at 29-1 single Fitness horse in race. I have notice if horse is a single in race they run well in spite of trainer stats for debut runners.

Now, of course not every day using the Fitness Factor method turns out like this, but these days do occur and while not all win, many FF horses run 2nd and 3rd. This is especially true when the selection qualifies for the highest Fitness Factor contender screen or it is the only one, meaning the single qualifier.

However, this incredible run for Fitness Factor horses winning at long shot odds continued as just a couple of days later I had a phone message from a Texas handicapper about a race from February 29, 2016 in the 1st at Sam Houston:

“Hi Jon! I hope you handicapped the first at Sam Houston today – a single horse, passed the Fitness Factor contender screen. Double Entendre won at 12-1 in a six horse field and paid $26.20 - $5.40 and $5.40 to show.”

Plus here's 3 qualified Fitness Factor selections:

► Third ranked Timber, 12-1 Morning Line, won and paid $8.30 to win.  

► Second ranked Sharpie’s Dream who finished a close up 3rd at odds of 110-1, and paid $31 to show!

► Top ranked Frosti Agosti ran 2nd until the stretch call where he faded a bit during the stretch drive to finish 6th at 90-1.

Like most methods, the Fitness Factor performs best when there is just one qualified selection, but the above payoffs show that backing up any win wagers with ones to place or even show, can pay big dividends! The Fitness Factor can help you unlock the keys to maiden races so you can be among the winning handicappers who know how to take advantage of maiden races and ones carded for young horses – order it today!

Now, at the other end of the spectrum in terms of consistency and odds is Show-a-Profit. This maiden method is amazingly consistent, and most of the horses it isolates go to post at even-money to about 6-1. Yes, I know – even-money or a little bit higher doesn’t sound terribly exciting. However, with collection rates that can be as high as 85%, with 75-80% being very attainable, steady profits can be very exciting and moreover, very rewarding and profitable over the long haul! 

One handicapper, (in a report listing all his Show-a-Profit selections, in his own handwriting, covering a span of 3 weeks), after a rocky start collected on 30 straight show wagers! Once he mastered Show-a-Profit, he earned consistent profits (20% - 25% ROI) for years with it!

When you order the Show-a-Profit, we’ll add that particular issue of the TIPS Report as a FREE Bonus!

Several handicappers, and the Phillips Racing Newsletter in their review, suggested it should have been titled Win-a-Profit because it can isolate extremely well meant selections which win and finish in-the-money at an extremely consistent basis! 

So, get ready for spring, summer and fall racing with any or all of the following:

Fitness Factor & Addendum 
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Show-a-Profit & Postscript
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All of the Above

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