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  NEW! The Triple Lock Spot - It's HOT!
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With our live workout producing a 37% ROI to Win, we're pleased to announce the release date for The Triple Lock Spot by May 16, 2023.

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It's been an intense, in-depth and enriching journey to develop The Triple Lock Spot. I carefully analyzed how various handicapping angles may or may not corelate to detect horses fit, prepped and ready to compete against today's field and in today's racing conditions. It took months of testing various combinations to confirm which angles teamed up well to consistently isolate quality Best Bet selections.

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For those of you familiar with Tom Worth TIPS, you'll like that The Triple Lock Spot is driven by Horse TIPS. We focus more on what the horse is showing and less on trainer stats. While of course the trainer's record certainly factors into the equation, we're tuning in more to how the horse is responding to its training regimen as it prepares for today's race.

The Triple Lock Spot is quick, straightforward and most importantly, effective at isolating Best Bets. A few fast contender screens will help you determine within seconds on which races and then on which contenders to further handicap using a collection of powerful Tom Worth Horse TIPS. In other words, you will know almost at a glance whether or not any given race presents an opportunity worth handicapping.

As is our usual custom, we include the following:

  • straightforward guidelines;
  • definitions for all referenced handicapping angles and Horse TIPS;
  • three case studies of races I handicapped so you can see the spot play in action;
  • my live play Workout with details & results of races on which I wagered;
  • insight into the concept and development of this spot play. 

In sum, our new spot play is fast and effective. I'm confident The Triple Lock Spot will help you find success in handicapping the races.

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Options for The Triple Lock include:

Please call, text or email me with any questions. As many of you know, I'm always happy to talk with fellow handicappers!

Jon Worth    (401) 219-6009  ♦  tipsreport@aol.com 

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