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    Links & Resources for Handicappers

Here are links to resources which we believe will serve you well. This is an evolving list, so please check in every now and then.

Do you have an online resource you'd like to recommend to the "Tom Worth" handicapping community? If so, please email me at mary@worthhandicapping.com. Also, please let us know if any of these links don't connect you to the intended site so we can correct it.   Thank you!  Mary

Daily Racing Form

The original kingpin of thoroughbred horse racing information.

BRIS: Bloodstock Research Information Services

Brisnet.com describes themselves as "the Internet's largest horse racing information service." They offer a free daily handicapping newsletter, the "Handicapper's Edge" and a free thoroughbred industry daily, the "Bloodstock Journal" where you can learn the latest horse racing news. At brisnet.com you have access to a vast array of  products for handicappers. Jon makes great use of brisnet.com, so if you have questions about their services, please feel free to email Jon at jonworth@worthhandicapping.com or call him at 401-921-5158.

Equine Now


Find horses for sale, used tack, saddles, trailers and more. List your horse or tack for free if you are looking to sell.


Horseplayers Association of North America is a grass roots organization made up of horseplayers.  H.A.N.A. describes their stance as:

  • Fair and open access to all track signals for all licensed ADWs.
  • Optimal Takeout levels - to maximize revenue for tracks, horsemen, and state coffers.
  • Penalties for cheating that make the penalty a deterrent to cheating.
  • A modern secure tote system fast enough to deliver odds and payoffs in real time.
  • An environment where racing decision makers value input from the player and seek it out -because doing that improves racing's long term outlook.

H.A.N.A. comes recommended by a very astute handicapper who is also a TIPS Report subscriber, and he encourages all handicappers to check out this association.

Phillips Racing Newsletter

Highly regarded as the watchdog of the horse racing handicapping community. Provides honest assessments and ratings of handicapping methods. For a few decades now, we have always been highly rated within their pages.

Top Horse Racing Links - United Kingdom

This is the #1 place to come to find the best UK based horse racing news, links and information on the net. It is our intention to make this site your favourite horse racing resource and we will be continually updating and adding new sections and links to the site.

Racing Better from the United Kingcom

I just "discovered" this horse racing website which is in the United Kingdom.  I find it very interesting to read about horse racing in other countries, especially ones in the UK and in Australia.  Enjoy!  And let Jon know how you like the "racingbetter" site, which is a very inventive name for a horse racing website!  Cheers, Mary

Chapman Fine Arts - by a former jockey

I found this wonderful website while surfing the web for helpful links for handicappers. It's horse racing art by a former thoroughbred horse racing jockey. I encourage you to visit his site and to read the "About Tom" page. It's fascinating. Then take a look at his beautiful art work and also at his offering of horse racing greeting cards. So talented!

I remeber on our first visit to Saratoga in the early 1990's we met a retired jockey with similar talents; he was selling his artwork on the grounds of Saratoga, and we talked with him for a good amount of time as we got to the track very early in the day. We bought note cards from him which featured reproductions of his artwork - another talented jockey!

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