Here's a transcribed voice-mail message a Best Bets subscriber was kind enough to leave for us at 1:19 p.m. on 07/07/2019: 

"Good morning Mr. Worth this is happy subscriber in New Orleans Louisiana. Thank you so much; you have been on fire in the best bets! Talk to you later and way to go. Thanks a lot. Bye bye."

From a Best Bets subscriber who also subscribed to our Breeders' Cup service:

"I just wanted to take a moment and say how pleased I was with your Breeders Cup analysis.
Played Saturday's card. (Working all day on Friday).  I should have followed the paradigm you write about and stopped after race 7.
I put up $100 through race 7 and had a return of $225.75.  In race 7 I used your picks and had a $13 show wager on #9, a $0.50 (for $3) tri box with 1,5,9 (return of $31.3) and I got creative and use the 1,5,9 combo on top of using the 2 in fourth place for a $0.50 superfecta bet ($3 total) return of $90.25.
It was a fun day using your picks. Thanks so much - looking forward to next year, a Best Bets subscriber."

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Subject: RE: best bets 7-21

Jon this may be a duplicate email as I sent one earlier but not sure if I did so correctly. Just want to thank you for sending out best bet play before I had to leave for work at 7:20 AM. I have to leave at that time on Saturdays and Sundays. I checked my mail this morning just before leaving and there was your best bet so I was able to play and enjoy the winnings. Appreciate your efforts.           

"I am enjoying the Best Bets service.  Keep up the good work. H...."

Recent Results:

Summary for 10-23-2018 through 12-24-2018
(Note: During this timeframe, there were 2 days with no Best Bets spotted. In addition, 2 Best Bets were lost due to cancellation of racing at Golden Gate due to the poor air quality from the Paradise wildfire in November.)  
48 Best Bets total: 
24 of 48 selections finished 1st....50%
Total return to win....................$114.40
less 48 Wagers @ $2 each............$  96.00
Net Profit for WIN.....................$  18.40
ROI................................... ...19%
Average win mutuel returned.......$4.76
39 of 48 finished at least 2nd......81%
Total return to place..................$113.20
48 wagers @ $2 each..................$  96.00
Net profit for PLACE..................$  17.20
ROI to place............................17.9%
Average place mutuel.................$2.90
44 of 48 finished at least 3rd.....91%
Total return to show.................$111.80
48 Wagers @ $2 each................$  96.00
Net Profit for SHOW.................$  15.80
ROI to show........................16.40%
Average show mutuel...............$2.54
With the high collection rate to place and show, a 2 or 3 race parlay in the show hole could serve to leverage and thus increase profit without too much added risk.
I should also note there were 2 large exactas, $56 and $97, the latter on 12-22 in 8th race. The Best Bet selection on 12-22 paid $8.40. I had suggested a 3-horse exacta box, (though the third one may still be running), and the other two, the Best Bet and the #9 ran 1-2.
Having two large exactas for the Best Bets selection service in a short period of time is a bit unusual, but it does happen occasionally.
More recently, on Saturday, March 9, 2019, the Best Bet exacta returned a more pedestrian $12, which is more in line with usual best bet suggested exactas.

Buff returned: $5.90 - $3.90 - $2.60
30% ROI on 10 unit Show
I noted 2 exactas I was consdiering: 
1/2 unit box 7-4, (ran out) - and - 1/2 unit 7 & 4 over Krewe Chief
The 1/2 unit exacta with Chief paid $23, and boosted ROI to 102% if you had it.
#5 Supercede won: $5 - $3 - $2.20
suggested place-show wager returned 18% ROI
optional 1/2 unit ex. box with the #2 Tryst Cat returned: $11.70 and boosted ROI to 125% if you had it. 
Del Mar
#3 in 8th race ran 3rd:  --  --  $3.40
Selections spent most of the race in 4th and 5th place, turned on the jets heading toward the 6f mark into 3rd, leaped ahead to grab the lead and drew off steadily in stretch to win going away.
With the scratch down to 6 entries, I went with a slightly reduced place wager, ($2.40), 20% roi. 
60% roi is certainly quite decent.

Here is a summary of last 3 weeks of best bets; including the ROI using my (very conservative $ management approach):
Offering Plan:  $4.70   $3.10   $2.30
Golden Gate
Defiantly:  $3.60    $2.60   $2.10
ROI 25%
Lion In Wait:  $7.10  $2.90  $2.20
Exacta: $6.40 
(I passed exacta but roi 90% including win wager)
Golden Gate
Princess Ashlyn:   ---    ---    $3.20
37% roi on show wager; including win wager that ran out
Woodbine Thoroughbred
Valiant Flame:     ---      ---   $2.10
Minus $1.10 because place wager ran out
Golden Gate
Joe Joe's Kingdom:  ---    $2.80  $2.40
25% roi on place-show wager
Golden Gate
Annie's Candy
$4.60    $2.80  $2.40
place-show wager produced 25% roi in a 6-horse field
Court Battle:  $3.20   $2.60   $2.10
place wager produced 30% roi
first time in months no best bet
closest was from Hawthorn was more of a 'solid selection' in the way of:
International Diva:  ---   $3.40  $2.80
Golden Gate
Rainbow North:  $3.00  $2.40   $2.10
12% roi on place show wager
Marley's Freedom:  ran 4th
loss on day
Santa Anita
Vasilika:  $4.20  $3.00  $2.60
37% roi on place-show wager
8th @ Aqueduct
Dream Passage:  ---   ---   $2.70
show wager only with 35% roi on show wager
3rd @ Woodbine
Blurricane:  ---   $2.70   $2.10
13% roi on place-show wager
2nd @ Charlestown
Alpine Moon:   ---  $3.80   $2.80
#2 Sherwood:  $8.20
#3 Aunt Maggie 
exacta came in as well
40% roi if you wagered show only
if you included exacta
120% on Exacta

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Sent: Fri, May 25, 2018 6:33 pm
Subject: Re: best bets 5-25


Thank you, again, Jon, for giving us a very good play. I played the 5 to win, the 11 to show for 5 units and an exacta box. It made my day and more than paid for the 3 months  best bet subscription. Your best bets service is in a league of its own.
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From: John...
To: TIPS Report <>
Sent: Fri, May 25, 2018 5:57 pm
Subject: Re: re: best bets 5-25

What a wonderful handicapper you can be.  Something special you are.  Belmont today - had the ex plus $5 ATB on #5 at 13-1!!
Thank you so much.

"Excellent picks today. I caught the exacta 2/3 twice in the first. I then took your advice and back bets. I put $4.80 in a ten-cent super in the fifth using the 9 as key and hit for $335.00. Keep up the good work." (from a California handicapper)

"Well done Jon. Only people with a business mind can understand how good the results have been. So many people fantasize about going to the track with fifty dollars and coming home with a thousand plus dollars.Usually unattainable in the long run.

Taking the conservative approach is the best in the long term. The thing I will need to do is find my comfort level as to the amount to bet."In the less than two weeks that I have received your selections I have done quite well. I made two separate bankrolls. One, playing the win/show (I bet even heavier on show) and the second bankroll I fudge a bit. When according to my analysis I did not like the selection,I did not make a bet ( RAVISHINGLY on the 8th and PERFORMANCE BONUS on the 11th). Both bankrolls are up substantially."

As a way of introduction, I first learned how to handicap from my dad, the late Tom Worth. He was the developer of the highly acclaimed POPS and TIPS handicapping method and founder of Tom Worth Publishing Co. He was a top-notch handicapper and author of many successful spot play methods, all highly rated and well-received. He taught me how to handicap in the early 1980's. In 1984, I began in earnest, doing both horse racing research for my dad and my own handicapping. It's been a love affair ever since! If you want to know more, 

It’s important to note, as many of our TIPS Report subscribers/handicappers know, I tend to be conservative yet profit-oriented in my handicapping approach as my goal is for both you and me to cash in on horses who run in-the-money! I often recommend place and show wagers. However, this does not mean that I don’t ever find long shots, because indeed I do!