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Approximately 30 years ago, my father wrote one of his more popular abbreviated methods, The Triple Play, a terrific, if embryonic, TIPS spot play. It's an early example of how adaptable the TIPS Methodology is. Once you are familiar with the handicapping angles and factors defined in TIPS, you can use it for any situation. However, because there are so many angles and different ways of combining them to suit the racing conditions and situation, our TIPS-based spot plays have served very well in making the TIPS concept more easily accessible. We continually hear reports on the successes of handicappers from across the country.

I myself still rely a great deal on the TIPS Methodology, whether in full fledged TIPS handicapping mode, or one of our more effective TIPS-based spot plays such as the Only One II and the Super Cluster II, published last year.  I particularly find the Super Cluster II to be extremely consistent, isolating horses which finish in-the-money at approximately 90% of the time, especially when a horse has more than five points, with an edge of at least 1 point compared to the next ranked horse. Similarly, if you are using the TIPS Method, if you spot a horse with at least 4 Horse TIPS, with an edge of at least 1 Horse TIP compared to the next highest Horse TIPS total, then you can find very solid selections with the TIPS method, some at long shot odds.

Just recently six handicappers contacted me by phone and email in regard to their terrific returns with with those TIPS-based spot plays. Their comments, coupled with the continued success of yet another TIPS-based spot play, this time the Fitness Factor, helped me give out in our daily Selection Service at Saratoga a $48.00 winner and a $342 exacta! 

I do my best to incorporate TIPS as well as our spot plays into my daily handicapping for myself and our Selection Service, but it always helps to be inspired by reports from handicappers who use our spot plays and methods with great success, and because of those recent reports I tuned in more to The Fitness Factor upon hearing of recent Fitness Factor results by other handicappers.

Copied below, is a portion of the Saratoga selections from August 19, 2017 that produced the blockbuster payouts:

TODAY 8-19-2017

turf is "good" so far; potential t-storms in forecast

5th race:
1 UNIT WIN @7/2 OR>




1/2 UNIT TO 1 UNIT WIN #10 @15-1 OR>

Results: Saratoga August 19th, 2017 Value of Race: $83,000
Won driving. Track Fast. Time :22©, :45«, :58¨, 1:11 (:22.47, :45.99, :58.24, 1:11.00)

#10 PURE SHOT:  $48.00 Win  $19.40 Place  $11.40 Show

7- ALLURED:  $6.10 Place  $4.30 Show

2- SUPER SERMON: $5.60 Show

$2 Mutuel Prices:
$2 EXACTA (10-7) 
 PAID: $343.50
$2 SUPERFECTA (10-7-2-6)  PAID: $10,867.00

Pure Shot, the “Long Shot to Watch” I noted in the Selection Service email, indeed did meet the minimum odds for which I asked (15-1) for a win bet. I suggested a couple of ways to construct the exacta, Box of 6-7-10, or, front and back Exacta with the 6 over 7 and 10. I heard from a few people, one by email and a couple with phone messages with a thank you for the Selection Service advice.  All had the Exacta, and a couple also included a Win wager on #10, Pure Shot.  One gentleman noted in his phone message, “went ahead with the Exacta box, 6-7-10, and ½ unit win #10. Wow—bet $13, and got a return profit(emphasis mine), of more than $300!  How about that??!”

Pure Shot was certainly a terrific selection using the Fitness Factor, a spot play dovetails beautifully with a couple of other ideas discussed  in our TIPS Report issues, especially Jul/Aug 2012. Long shots are not at all unusual for The Fitness Factor with $20, $30 and even more than occasional $50 win payoffs while not commonplace, are not unusual. If you owned The Fitness Factor, you too could have cashed this huge long shot!

It was terrific hearing of the recent reports of The Fitness Factor, The Only One II, and The Super Cluster. Each of these three TIPS-based spot plays have led handicappers to terrific wins. 

Plus, two of our readers contacted me to report their impressive results using the Even Finish Spot Play. One enjoyed a very large windfall which provided him with a juicy mid-range longshot at Arlington and a highly profitable three-figure exacta! I've included his email below, but it's heartwarming to note that since we published the Even Finish four years ago in 2013, I have heard from at least 50 people with complimentary letters, phone calls and emails. A recurrent theme of their sentiments is that they are amazed “at the effectiveness of such a simple method.”

Here is Joe’s e-mail regarding a selection he isolated using the Even Finish at Arlington Park:

-----Original Message-----
From: Joe S
To: TIPS Report <tipsreport@aol.com>
Sent: Sat, Aug 19, 2017 11:48 pm
Subject: Another reason to love EVEN SPOT PLAY!

Hi Jon! Just a quick note.......I got a chance to bet some horses this weekend ( been away for a few weeks...). I wanted to have a low stress enjoyable day so I primarily looked for single EV's. Well I caught a nice one at Arlington.....race 6 on Friday 8/18. I spotted a single EV in the race   with a decent trainer. #4 Golden Touch with a 19% trainer ytd...... AND a net profit on the year!! Add the fact that this horse was going off at 9-1 in a small field, made this an excellent opportunity! Two favorites .......one which was most definitely false ( #3 ....to me anyway) made this a play. #4. $10w/$20p plus $1. Exacta. 4/all. all/4. $12 in. total investment $42 RESULTS??? $20.60. $8.00. Exacta. $24. Total return : $207.60 Jon, this method continues to astound me.......with its combination of simplicity, ease of use, amount of time necessary, and ESPECIALLY the RESULTS. Awesome job!! Keep in touch, Joe.  P.S. Enjoyed the back issues of tips report!

I was eager to take a look at the race, and indeed Golden Touch (5-1 ML) was the only horse among the 7 horse field who passed the Even Finish contender screen.  When only one horse passes the main contender screen, the Even Finish Spot Play is all the more effective. Better yet, as was the case with Joe, you can still isolate and cash in on your share of long shots!!  Golden Touch returned:

$20.60 Win ♦ $8.00 Place ♦  $5.00 Show

Joe received 5-1 overall on his $42 investment—not bad at all for a seven horse field!

If consistency is more your style, meaning cashing up to 90% in the show hole and close to 50% to win, then our new Big Easy Spot Play is a must-have spot play. It was released a few weeks ago and has already generated terrific feedback. The reports I'm hearing on results from handicappers - a high percentage of Big Easy selections consistently running in-the-money. For example, a handicapper reported to me 47% winning horses, with an in-the-money % of 88%. Another handicapper, on the west coast, had 5 of his first 5 selections run second. Here is yet another handicapper who wrote me this email from early August:  

-----Original Message-----
To: TIPS Report <
Sent: Tue, Aug 8, 2017 7:23 am
Subject: Re: Big Easy


This is your best "winner getter" that I have used. I whip through 10 tracks daily in less than 30 minutes.As I've said before your genius knows no bounds. The prices are usually between $4.00 and $6.00...but who cares @ 50% winners? 

Thank You,


Yet another handicapper, from Texas, sent me an email to report that one afternoon at Gulfstream he isolated six Big Easy selections—all of whom finished in the money, with five coming in first for the win!  Here is his email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ray
To: TIPS Report <tipsreport@aol.com>
Sent: Sat, Aug 19, 2017 5:47 pm
Subject: Gulfstream

Dear Jon

AWESOME day at Gulfstream for the Big Easy. Decided to start looking at turf races but no maiden claiming on turf. There were 2 and both won. Overall had 6 picks, which is unusual and 5 won and 1 placed!!

120% return on investment on win end!

Hope all is well,


Let me clarify what Ray meant by noting, “Overall had 6 picks, which is unusual, and 5 won and 1 placed!!” He DID NOT mean that it was unusual that the win and in-the-money % was high, but rather that there were 6 selections using the Big Easy. Typically, the Big Easy Spot Play yields 1-2 selections per track per day. At the largest tracks such as Belmont, Saratoga, Santa Anita and Gulfstream, (winter meets), typically you will find 1-2 selections but this is due to the fact that the highest level tracks card more allowance, non-graded and Graded Stakes races. At the small and mid-level tracks you will usually find 2 selections and occasionally 3 or 4.

The Big Easy is so fast, you can handicap a card in less 7-8 minutes. Thus, the beauty of it is you can easily handicap 4-5 tracks in no time at all!!


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Interesting Story!
Now here's something quite interesting! My wife Mary and her sister flew down to Florida a few days ago to help settle her late uncle's estate. They'll be down there for just over two weeks. Of all people she was seated next to on the plane was a trainer with over 30 years of experience behind her and who is currently working out of Gulfstream!
Mary said they talked for over two hours about horse racing and of course she asked the trainer about the body language of a horse. Mary had told the trainer about the webinar for the Body Language Course. The trainer said that with a trained eye you can pick up clues about how the horse is feeling. She said there will always be exceptions, but she herself is so tuned in to horses, having been around them her own life and training them professionally for 30-some years, that she just instinctively knows how her horses are feeling. However, with training and practice, keeping notes, one can learn how to pick up signals from the horse. Mary and the trainer made a great connection and will stay in touch. I too plan on calling the gal as Mary said she would love to talk with me. Will keep you updated! What a happenstance!

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