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     How Tom Worth handicappers have earned big money

See how a handicapper earned $1,100 on one race and how another has thus far earned $1,702 by handicapping with the Even Finish Spot Play Method starting with just a $2 bet!!

Use our handicapping methods & systems, Classic Selection Service and/or Best Bets Selection Service so you can cash in on winning plays
Click here to take a look at some winnings reported to us by a few of our handicapping & Selection Service clients, ORclick here for an expanded discussion with a number of testimonials

We also have an array of handicapping methods as well as previous issues of the TIPS Report ready for your to download today  

Selection Service clients have reported terrific earnings from their plays such as:
$97.80 Exacta at PARX by K.F.
$27.80 Win & $6.00 Show at PARX by K.F.
$335.00 10-cent Superfecta at PARX by K.F.
$1,100 on total race including a 10-cent Superfecta by Bill at Penn

If you like to do all or most of your own handicappingadding the Even Finish Spot Play Method to your arsenal could boost your bankroll in a big way as has Ray. Using a due column, Ray reported that by beginning with a $2 wager, betting win only, in 2½ months, his profit is now at $1,702!!! He is careful to stick with the money management plan he selected and thus far, it is paying off in a HUGE Way!!! Read his testimonial here.

As promised above, here is an expanded discussion of recent reports from handicappers:

We’ve received numerous complimentary phone calls and emails about our selection service and many of our spot play methods, particularly the Even Finish method. You'll see a few of them as you continue to read.

There is a general theme running through the ones we’ve received regarding the Selection Services.  Many have nice comments about the service and we have clients who have been with us closing on 2 years, which is nearly as long we've been offering a selection service. What is very interesting is that the selection service handicappers who seem to realize the biggest profits do so by including an exotic where I perhaps didn’t suggest one but is based on contenders I've isolated, or they include an extra contender or two in a recommended exacta, or instead of concentrating on just an exacta they may also include a trifecta or a 10-cent Superfecta. Finally, the largest scores seem to come in races that these folks likely would not have even handicapped had they not been with our selections service
For example, I have heard from a number of people who normally avoid PARX racing.  Yet Testimonial # 4 and #5 were hugely profitable races, both at PARX on 10-24-15.  The Exacta paid $97.80 in a six horse field, and K.F. had it 2 times. In addition, in Race 5, also at Parx, I only recommended #9 Choroni for a win show wager. Choroni paid $27.80 to win, and $6 show. However, K.F. included a few other contenders he selected to include along with the lone selection I sent out, and cashed a 10-cent Superfecta for $335.00!  
Similarly, just a few days ago, on 12-1, I recommended a three horse exacta box in the 4th at Penn National. Two of the three horses combined for an $87 exacta. Fair enough, and this race provided an overall profit for the day. However, similar to K.F., Bill decided to select a couple of other horses to include in the Triple, and the 10-cent Super!  His return on the race---$1,100.00!!  Of course these hits come less frequently than we might like, but just one of these races could reward you with a nice windfall—and who among us wouldn’t be able to use some extra money, especially around the Holidays! 
Our selection services allow you to have someone else do much of the preliminary screening of races and horses and find races that have the potential to be competitive and thus offer a potential large return, or at the other end of the spectrum, a solid horse who is extremely likely to finish in the money.  
If you like to do all or most of your own handicapping, adding the Even Finish Spot Play to your arsenal could boost your own productivity, and potential for building a bigger bankroll.  As you can see from Ray’s email, (the last one listed on this page-click here to scroll down), (October 18th), using a due column and beginning with a $2 wager, betting win only, in 2 ½ months, his profit is now at $1,702.00! Read his testimonial below! He is careful to stick with the money management plan he selected and thus far, it is paying off in a HUGE WAY! 
We invite you to take advantage of our gift of a 33% discount off your TOTAL order between now and Midnight, Tuesday, December 8th - just use Promo Code = 33% when checking out on our website or mailing in your order. Click here for Payment Options. Save now and earn more!!!

Here are a few recent Selection Service testimonials(Even Finish testimonials follow these.)

#1.  I liked the 1-4-6 box at Penn, (12-1-15)  and decided to play the top 3 choices in slots 1 and 2 and wheel the 3rd spot for the triple for 5 bucks.  Looks like my return is $1,100 plus I dabbled with a dime super and got that too.  I like to take a 3 horse exacta box and play the triple if the prices are right because more people box longshots in exactas and often play live longshots underneath.  With the favored 4 out it was a sweet one.  TY Bill
#2.  Hi Jon, I have been enjoying your plays and have done some good things.  Not sure when my subscription is due to end but let me know - I want to do a 3 month or longer subscription at that time.  Regards, B.L.
#3. You are doing a great job please remind me when it is renewal time.  R.B.
#4. Excellent picks today, (10-24-15). I caught the “BEST BET” exacta you recommended 2/3 twice in the first. I then took your advice and cut back on remaining bets. (Jon here - I recommend to clients to reduce bets after a nice win in order to retain & guarantee a profit for the day.)  I put 4.80 in a ten cent super in the fifth using the 9 as key and hit for $335.00. Keep up the good work!  K.F.  P.S. Does the Elite 8 work on Stakes races? I was going to try it next week.
#5. Good morning Jon, I had the exacta at Parx yesterday and would have had the tri if I hadn't punched in one number wrong when I played it. They were loading them into the gate so I was in a hurry at OTB and had to wait for a machine. I didn't play the 2 to win either, but I certainly will be more careful to follow your suggestions from now on. That was an impressive pick. 
I can never do anything at Parx. Either a big favorite comes in or a longshot from out of nowhere that I wouldn't have picked if it was the only horse in a one-horse race. I've gotten to the point where I just don't play it and almost didn't yesterday, but something told me to and I follow my hunches, so I did, and I'm certainly glad I did. So I had a very good day, mostly because of your pick. I'm definitely going to sign up again for a subscription to your service later this week.  Thank you for sharing your picks with us and I hope you've settled in now and can relax and enjoy your new home. E.B.
Even Finish Spot Play recent testimonials:
(EV = Even Finish angle)
#1. Dear Jon, 

Two nice EV hits today (10-18). Belmont race 2 #3 $20.20 & Laurel race 10 #1 $30.60. Those were not singles BUT THEY WERE VALUE PLAYS. I have set my minimum odds @ 5/1. Using the due column and EV is a winner. There might be some nasty losing streaks, but EV always comes through! Hope all is well with you and yours. 

#2. Jon,  I continue to be amazed at how accurate this "simple method" of handicapping is! (LR is referring to the Even Finish Method) It has become my "go to" analysis tool (singletons preferred)! Again, you have my admiration for bringing us this tool.  LR  
#3. Dear Jon,  BIGGEST EV PRICE TO DATE. PARX RACE 2 HORSE 2  EMPRESS CARO.   $90.80!!!!!! 24.00/13.60 A SINGLE!! BLEW UP MY DUE COLUMN! Yesterday was not good for the EV, highest price was $10.60. My due before this bomb was $296. Didn't divide by 5 because how often does a 40/1 hit? Had I divided by 5 that would have been a $60 bet, that would have given me a profit of $2,664. I decided to divide the odds into the due which has was $7, decided to bet $10. There's that hindsight! So cleared my due plus, profit $444. So far have a profit of $1702, & that is starting with a $2 bet. Had that $42.60 the first day starting so that helped.  Ray

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