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Update: On 2-18-2015, in the 9th at Tampa Bay, a horse spotted using our Elite Eight Method - the #5 Emyvale Court - paid $7 to win in a Maiden Special Weight contest.

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First, I want to relay that I continue to receive even more positive and informative feedback on our Elite Eight Method.

I find the latest comments and feedback quite interesting because a common theme among the handicappers who have recently called or emailed me in regards to their profitable $$$ results is that 4 Horse TIPS in particular and a Trainer TIP have been present in a high percentage of their Elite Eight horses who won or finished in-the-money. I've reprinted below one of the emails. (If you are not familiar with TIPS, please click here for a brief, four-sentence description.) 

The four Horse TIPS reported are Pace, the 3 of 3, 33% and the Power Win. The Trainer TIP mentioned was the Fresh Horse Plus. I plan to cover this subject in a future article in the TIPS Report because I believe an analysis of several races from the perspective of these 4 Horse TIPS and the Elite Eight can help lead us to yet more profitable selections. 

I was surprised to find the Power Win among the 4 predominant Horse TIPS though I probably shouldn't have been. Perhaps it's because the majority of the races I have been handicapping lately are maiden races, and the Power Win TIP is not crucial for analyzing those types of races. I should also add that I hadn't been using the Elite Eight because certainly you can use the Elite Eight to handicap maiden races, it's just that I was using my own internal handicapping compass.

Just to give those not familiar with TIPS a free sample of one of the many TIPS found in the TIPS Update, the Power Win TIP, (PW), a Horse TIP, is evident when:

 the horse has demonstrated the ability to "turn on the juice" when asked by picking up 3 or more lengths between any 2 calls. This can appear at any time in the past performances.

 I now accept this if the horse led by 3 lengths at the first call and pretty much held this lead. Some flexibility is allowed here, but look for power, not necessarily an "easy" win.

 It's no good if the horse lost ground in the stretch unless the horse went on to win by 2 or more lengths. Best if it's earned with today's stable.

 You cannot get the Hidden Workout TIP, (HWO), and the Power Win TIP off the same effort. The horse could get the HWO from one of last four races and a PW from an older race. Great!

The Power Win is just one of over 80 Trainer and Horse TIPS found in the TIPS Update and is also one of the Horse TIPS used in the Elite Eight. If you don't yet own the TIPS Update, I strongly encourage you to order it, even if you already have the Elite Eight. The TIPS Update will enhance your handicapping, and I say this based on countless positive feedback over the years, (and decades), from handicappers across the country and some parts of the world such as Canada, New Zealand, Germany and even Japan! (Be sure to see the limited time offers and coupons at the end of the essay.)

Now, to get to the 2 main topics of this essay:

 use of our time; and
► per cent of bankroll. 

These two talking points were brought home to me by two of the handicappers who have recently contacted us in regards to their positive Elite Eight $$$ results. 

The element of time is one that will resonate with many of you. How much time do you want to invest in handicapping? You have a passion for horse racing, want to earn money from handicapping the races, but if you're not at the track, you may not want to spend all day at it. As you will read in his email below, R.S., a Texas handicapper, now uses the Elite Eight because of the time and profitability factor. He has even suggested a shortcut for me to "take out for a test drive" which I will do, and will share my results in a future TIPS Report article or Addendum to the Elite Eight

I believe the element of time is a factor of which we lose sight as we handicap. The late Milton Weinblatt, who was a successful handicapper into his early 90's, knew time was indeed a precious commodity. I believe as we age, many of us grow increasingly aware of how valuable and limited our time is. Like Milton, R.S. realized he wanted to spend more time recreationally and less time handicapping, but still making a profit.

Here is R.S.'s email on using our Elite 8 spot play method:

Dear Jon,

While playing EV, decided to revisit the Elite 8. In your manual the number one prime power won 73% of the time, so I decided to just to focus on the number one prime only. I decided to eliminate any horse laid off over 32 days, preferring recent horses. The one good thing about the brisnet data file is that you can customize it to the layoff time you specify, making that decision very easy. Only downside is the jockey and trainer stats aren't as good as the ultimate pps with comments, so decided to focus on the #1 prime horse only, so required minimum 4 horse tips.

Also, with spring approaching plan on going fishing so won't be able to sit and watch races which is needed for the EV approach i am using, besides, don't really like waiting for a specific  race, way too boring for me. Was hoping the elite 8 would come to the rescue so I could bet early and it has!!

Using this approach, betting show only i am hitting 87% with an roi of 26% which to me is phenomenal, and that is flat betting! Longest losing streak has been 2. Wanting to increase the roi, put the results thru a parlay method which you can bet early with this parlay method and roi almost doubled to 42%!!!!  So problem solved!! A super EZ method, can bet early and make a nice profit!!

Though EV and due column are very profitable, just don't like watching the races, time is too important especially at my age. These results were playing Gulfstream, didn't play off turf races. 

Hope you get through this winter storm unscathed!

Best regards,


(R.S. here, is using "EV" to refer to the Even Finish Spot Play Method)

Now I mentioned that another Elite 8 handicapper inquired about % of bankroll wagering. Milton very successfully used this wagering approach, making his wagers all at once. Three of his reports were featured in the Sept/Oct 1995, Jan/Feb 1997 and Sept/Oct 1997 TIPS Reports, and they detailed, in his own handwriting, every single selection he isolated along with his results. As you can read in the Sept/Oct 1995 issue, Milton doubled his bankroll in 3 weeks, relying on Show-a-Profit as his handicapping method of choice and making his wagers strictly to show. (In fact, as detailed in that issue, after a rocky start, at one point, he collected on 30 straight show wagers.) 

In the Jan/Feb 1997 and Sept/Oct 1997 issues, we featured a simple spot play he developed titled the “No Form" Spot Play, ("Form" refers to The Daily Racing Form). Milton successfully used this approach for over four months, during a time he had trouble finding a Racing Form near where he lived. (This was before we were using the internet.) The spot play, as well as a complete accounting of his wagers, are all contained in those two issues. Again, he used the % of bankroll wagering throughout those months, and he made a very tidy profit.

Furthermore, Milton, besides his passion for handicapping, also had a great fondness for fishing.  Living in Florida, with terrific weather nearly all year afforded him many opportunities for fishing, and therefore, most of the time, he made his wagers all at once, “early bird” using the % of bankroll approach, and thus had plenty of time to spend two or three days a week fishing. While one might well indeed earn more money using a due column, or keeping an eye on the odds and adjusting the wagers according to the odds at which a selection is going to post, and while you may earn additional profits from this approach, you may be losing time to spend in other areas. Only you can decide which is more valuable to you, a higher ROI or your time. 

As you can see from his email, R.S. shares Milton's affinity and passion for the same things: handicapping and fishing! Just as Milton did, R.S. is able to pursue each of them successfully, and enjoy his time doing so! In that vein, I've put together a few packages that I believe will help you do what you love to do beyond handicapping, whethere it's fishing, hiking, sports, community service or spending time with loved ones.

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We also referred to the TIPS Update. If you don't yet own this valuable handicapping resource, I strongly encourage you to order it. Please click here for a description.


About "TIPS" Handicapping

Think of a “TIP” as a handicapping anglesignal or factor.  We sometimes informally call TIPS “tipoffs.” 

The TIPS Methodology distinguishes between Trainer TIPS & Horse TIPS. Trainer TIPS provide clues as to the intentions of the trainer. To some degree, Trainer TIPS can be independent of the horse’s running ability since it is the trainer who is planning the moves and not the horse.  Trainer TIPS help us detect the trainer’s plan whereas Horse TIPS are an indication if the horse is likely to be physically able and ready to carry out those plans.

If you do not yet own the The TIPS Update we strongly encourage you to order it to be fully up to speed. The Update is jammed with valuable information. It defines over 80 tipoffs & several contender screens, outlines several significant pairs and clusters, and is 48 pages in length.  We predict your copy will certainly become dog-eared as you will likely refer to it often!

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