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  The "ProfitLine Gold" Collection of TIPS Reports
Start winning at a steady pace!

We've put together a special package of 5 back issues of the TIPS Reports which focuses on the late Milton Weinblatt's wagering strategy of constructing exactas and Superfecta wagers. Also, one of the issues in the collection also includes an article by Art Baker, yet another and highly respected and successful handicapper. We packaged this special grouping of TIPS Report for both instruction and especially inspiration.

As way of a background, as long-time subscribers of the TIPS Report may remember, Milton began contributing his results from handicapping thorougbred horse racing in 1995, first beginning with his Show-a-Profit results. For many years, Milton was conservative, though profit-oriented, in his wagering, making mostly show bets. And when it came to Milton, there was never anything wrong about being conservative. He consistently earned money, turning a handsome profit, all from show wagering. His contenders were always strong and well-meant.
And then about five years ago, Milton started to make exotic wagers, especially Superfecta wagers and soon was collecting on huge exactas, ($300 - $900), and on Superfectas. And what is especially amazing is that Milton, in many instances when he made his Superfecta wagers, did less handicapping than he did in his more conservative years yet collected on huge payoffs!
No matter what kind of a wagering strategy you employ, whether it be win, place or show bets, or exotic wagers such as exactas, exacta boxes or even trifectas, you will be inspired by this collection. To read a summary of the TIPS Reports included in this collection, please click into the following link.

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