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  The Super Cluster II Spot Play Method
  Consistent - Powerful - Profitable!!

47% Win    81% Place    88% Show

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Here's what handicappers have to say about The Super Cluster II. They made my day because this is why we worked so hard in bringing this spot play method to you. What until you see the second report's bottom line earnings!!

 Jon, There were 8 bets, 2 ran out. Based on a $20 bet, there was a $119.00 win profit, $28 place, and only $5 to show due to low mutuels $2.10, $2.20. Starting tomorrow, I am shifting my place betting to win only. The win return on SC2 so far, for me is 58%, better than place or show. R from Texas.

Continued below the following links....all very exciting! 

And here's another note from R.
Jon, Decided to bet place on my SC2 selections today, (Sept. 26), since your workout at Parx showed that had highest return. 

Parx 2  0/0/2.80  
Parx 3 out
FL 3 pass low odds  2.70/2.10/2.10
Parx 4  0/8.20/6.20
FL 8  pass low odds  out
Parx 9 pass  odds  out
Pid 3   0/0/3.60
" "   4  6.00/2.60/2.20
"  "  5  14.20/7.60/4.20
Great first day with 
SC2!!   Place invested  $120  return $246  70% roi! Better than win 68%. 58% show.
Thanks again. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!  R. from Texas

And here's feedback from another handicapper: 

Jon, I've been red-boarding the method on some previously run races at East Coast tracks and the consistency is nothing short of phenomenal! No, I don't have a horse hit the board every race. However, using your elimination rules as to race type, my top picks are running at least second between 50-80% of the time on a daily basis, at all tracks! Again, many thanks for sharing your genius! L.  

In a nutshell, The Super Cluster II taps into the highly acclaimed portfolio of Tom Worth TIPS to extract a potent combination of handicapping factors to use in a very easy to follow way with terrific results!  

Here's what led to the development of The Super Cluster II:

Many handicappers have relayed terrific feedback to us regarding our spot play, The Elite Eight, and when I studied the specifics of their respective reports, I noted a very interesting and powerful pattern. In fact, several handicappers noted it as well. Specifically, in the majority of their winning and in-the-money horses, there was the repeated appearance of certain Tom Worth TIPS, (or handicapping angles). Because the results for the winning and in-the-money horses were fantastic, during the latter part of the spring season I began to follow these factors.

I tested the cluster of these TIPS during live play and realized that a profitable spot play for all of us was emerging! I continued to test and retest until I was satisfied with the results. I then triple tested by putting my working set of handicapping guidelines through a live play workout at Parx, formerly Philadelphia Park. 

Here are the results of the Super Cluster II from my one month live play at Parx.

► The method averaged 2.5 selections per day yielding a total of 44 selections.

► 21 Won for a 47% Win collection rate

► 36 Finished 2nd or better for an 81% Place collection rate

► 39 Finished 3rd or better for an 88% Show collection rate

Return on 44 Wagers @ $2 each = $129.40
Net Profit of $41.40 for a ROI of 47%
Average Mutuel = $6.16

Return on 44 wagers @ $2 each = $141.20
Net Profit of $53.20 for a ROI of 60%

Average Mutuel = $ 3.92

Return on 44 wagers @ $2 each = $117.40
Net Profit of $29.40 for a ROI of 29%

Average Mutuel = $ 3.01

Fantastic Returns!!!! 

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I am so confident with the method that I have incorporated The Super Cluster II into my daily handicapping for our 2 Selection Services. And as you will see in the method, one of the case studies in the method is a race from Delaware Park from the latter part of August, which we gave out as a selection. When you’ve read through the method and the case studies, you’ll see just how powerful and consistent this method is!

Consistency is the key word here. Every decision I made while researching and developing this method was made with consistency in mind. Consistency not only in the type of handicapping factors you will use with the Super Cluster II, but also in the types of races you will be instructed to handicap. And as you will learn, it’s key to follow the instructions on the types of races to avoid when using the Super Cluster II. 

In terms of long shots, with the Super Cluster II, you will certainly connect with your share of entries going to post at 7/2 or higher. When you review the included Workout at Parx, you will see several winning selections that fit this description, as well as a few entries which came in 2nd or 3rd at 7/2 or higher.

In sum, using this underlying handicapping logic in preselecting the types of races on which to focus your attention, you will have the best of both worlds: 

1. Extremely consistent and high collection rates in all three categories, win, place, show;

2. Connect on mid-range, (7/2 to 6, 7-1), long shots as well as having reason to celebrate with double-digit winners sprinkled in as well!

And as always, we include Case Studies of races we've handicapped using The Super Cluster II so you can see the method in action. The guidelines are well explained, and all the details of the live Workout are included as well. Overall, it's a terrific, consistent and powerful Spot Play!

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