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SOFTWARE: The Super Cluster II Spot Play Handicapping Method
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Software for the Super Cluster II Spot Play Method

See Software description below.

Consistent   Powerful    Profitable

47% Win    81% Place    88% Show

Includes the Paper Version of the Software!

Please give Jon a call at 401-219-6009 with any questions or email Jon at tipsreport@aol.com or jonworth@worthhandicapping.com Thank you!

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The following was written by Dave Powers of RPM in regard to the Software for our New Super Cluster II Spot Play. We encourage you to read Dave's description below. You may order through us directly on this page and we'll work with Dave to fill your order. Please give Jon a call at 401-921-5158 with any questions. Thank you, Mary of Tom Worth

As horseplayers we are blessed with the modern day technology that allows us to wager on and watch racing from all over the world from our living room easy chair.  And the technology doesn't stop there as the 'state-of-the-art' of Computer Handicapping Software design continues to improve markedly.

And we are happy to introduce a truly amazing (and we don't use that phrase lightly) new Software?? program from the very dependable Jon Worth.  It's called SUPERCLUSTER II and was created by Jon selectively combining several of his famous TIPS© handicapping factors.  It is remarkably accurate and remarkably consistent.  We've included a ton of relevant info in this email and strongly suggest that you give SUPERCLUSTER II a try.  ????And we are even offering a 25% Discount when you order by November 30, 2018!  Give it a read and order online or by phone. 


SUPERCLUSTER II - Comprised of a Combination of TIPS© so potent that 29 of our First 30 Test Plays Finished at Least 3rd!!!

Available in SOFTWAREPencil/Paper & Ebook


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The Worth Company, as most of you well know, has produced some of the most accurate, profitable methodologies ever published, and they have been doing this for close to 60 years now.  Tom Worth founded the company and the reins were handed to his son Jon in the 1980s. Tom passed on at about that time, but not before he and Jon put together what most handicapping experts/reviewers/authors, etc., consider to be the most remarkable winning methodology of all times: TIPS

TIPS is a collection of 100+ handicapping angles, most of which are unique winner-pickers.  Now, going thru that many angles to find a solid contender is simply not practical.  So, what Jon has done is isolate certain TIPS and combine them to produce winning angles.  He has previously done this with his EV system, Fitness Factor method, Profit Line Gold, SUDB, etc., etc.  -----

***And now comes what may be his very best, and that is really saying something given the superb profit quality of his other work.  But in SUPERCLUSTER II, Jon has found a 'super' combination of TIPS that produce phenomenal results

☞☞Jon Explains:  The true crux of SUPERCLUSTER II came after receiving repeated terrific feedback from a number of handicappers regarding their experiences and observations with our last spot play, The Elite Eight.  I noticed some very interesting and powerful trends, or 'clusters of tipoffs', as my Dad would say among their win and in-the-money horses.  What's more, several handicappers also noted this same appearance of certain Horse TIPS in the majority of their successful results and were kind enough to share this with me.  I began to follow these factors and their combination among winning plays.  I tested theories during live play until I believed I had isolate a solid set of guidelines to which to adhere for further testing.  Thus, SUPERCLUSTER II was born.  As you handicap with SUPERCLUSTER II, you will see just how powerful and consistent the method is!

Below you will find both the RPM Database Study as well as Jon's Live Betting adventure over a 30 day period.  The Results are very Impressive, to say the least:

Overall Results from the RPM Database Study (223,331 races) - Average 2.5 plays per track per day

Below Win/Place/Show %'s were consistent at most tracks, small and large.  ☞☞☞IMPORTANT:  However, SuperCluster is comprised of a set of TIPS that work especially well at lower class levels -- therefore you will find more plays and better overall results at 'smaller' tracks - tracks which comprise the majority of racing facilities in the U.S.

Under-performing tracks were Remington Park, Turf Paradise, Pimlico & Los Alamitos.  Win & Place Win/Place %'s and Win/Place ROIs Listed Below.  ⇒Horses who at least ran 3rd (Show) came in at a very consistent 85.2% Nationwide. The overall ROIs that are published in Jon's Workout (below) came down some in the bigger study, which is normal, but they were still very hefty overall.  We did not list all of the tracks in our study due to space limitations, but the results published below are very typical of what you can expect.


??Track               Win %     Place%    Win ROI    Place ROI??

Aqueduct             37.3       70.7       +51%       +47%
Belmont               36.6       72.0       +46.3       +38.7 
Churchill              41.2       74.1       +60.2       +51.8

Del Mar                36.2       64.3       +38.2       +48.8

Delaware             42.1       75.3        +58.6      +47.4
Emerald               41.1       72.1        +49.3      +42.1  
Fairgrounds         38.6       70.5        +61.0      +49.8
Finger Lakes        42.2       75.7        +41.2      +33.3
Golden Gate         40.4       78.2        +38.6      +30.1
Gulfstream           37.0       68.4       +47.8       +39.0

Keeneland            35.0       65.3       +51.1       +42.9
Laurel                  41.8       75.6       +49.2       +36.3
Lone Star             38.3       68.3      + 50.1       +40.0

Louisiana Downs  37.2       68.8       +46.2       +35.7

Mountaineer        39.2       70.2        +39.2        +38.0  

Penn National      40.3       76.1      +47.2        +37.6
  Parx                  41.9       75.1      +54.6        +45.7
Santa Anita         36.5       71.3      +44.3        +35.7


Below are the TIPS Jon uses to locate high-percentage prospects.  If you are familiar with the TIPS Methodology you will recognize many of these.  The method requires a certain combination of these TIPS to produce a selection, all defined in the Super Cluster II:


TIPS For SUPERCLUSTER II:  33%;  50% W/P;  Brown 100;  Improvement Arrow;  Improving Beyer Figures;  Mini-Arrow;  PACE;  Power Win;  Three of Three;  Ace Trainer ;  Fresh Horse Plus

Jon's Live Workout appears below.  You can see the extreme consistency of theSUPERCLUSTER II Methodology. Note the super high %'s for Place & Show as well, making SUPERCLUSTER II an excellent vehicle for Exacta play and Place & Show Parlay play.



Below a screenshot from the 4th race at Parx 11/19.  Note that Lust For Diamonds had a TOTAL of 6 TIPS - He won easily at 2/1 --  Horses with 6 TIP Points seldom miss hitting the board, so if you want to make SuperCluster II a spot play you could simply concentrate just on these horses.  Note also that in the Ace Trainer Considerations box,Almost Grecian, ran 2nd at 35-to-1.  Ace Trainer horses are always worth a look, especially for your Trifecta and Superfecta tickets.  And for the exotics fan -- 6-pt horses make for excellent 'Key' horses.  Here a simple Superfecta using Lust For Diamonds over the other listed contenders returned $651.


Below a situation which surfaces frequently.  Here Ekati Warrior is both a Prime Play and an ACE Trainer horse as well as a 6-point Horse -- This is as about as sure an in-the-money situation as you will find in horseracing.  He finished 2nd -- and the other ACE Trainer horse, Tiger Hall, won at $24.80.  The Exacta Box paid $38.60 and the Trifecta $134.


Below -- Misterbulltoyou had trouble and finished 4th.  However, we once again have a price horse (Destiny's Song) who is an ACE Trainer horse.  You never want to ignore an ACE Trainer horse at odds of 6/1 or over -- a 'saver' bet is called for -- so while the main play didn't get there, the $23.20 win price on Destiny's Song was a nice 'save'.


➙➙➙Often no horse in a race will achieve enough TOTAL TIP points to create a play (4 points minimum are necessary) -- but in these situations you will often see a ACE Trainer horse.  In this case Trulamo romped at $18.


****➜➜????Oh, and when you see something like the race below, where virtually everything is pointing to one horse, you can expect close to a 45% win rate.  Better Shine paid $8 to win, which can be considered a big overlay considering what this horse had going for it.  The Exacta also hit at $40.80   NOTE:  Worth Selective Pace Play Boxis a horse who appears to have a Pace Advantage based on internal fractions, final fraction and turn time fraction.????


➜➜Multi-Box Horse AGAIN!  --- easy $5.40 Winner


??$$BOTTOM LINE -- This is what you can expect fromSUPERCLUSTER II:??


??Superb Accuracy, Dependable Consistency:  Very High Win, Place & Show Hit Rates

??The High Place & Show %'s make SCII an Excellent Vehicle for Parlay Play

☛☞Very Brief Runouts on the WIN end  --  Runouts almost non-existent on Place & Show

??➧➧Because the Combination of TIPS favors lower class animals, you will get your best overall results at Class B and C tracks which make up 80%+ of racetracks in North America.  Plays will be less frequent on the larger circuits (New York, Southern Cal, Keeneland, Gulfstream (Jan 1 thru Apr 15), Oaklawn but overall results will still be very solid.

☞☞ACE TRAINER Plays (the Ace Trainer 'TIP" focuses on Trainers who appear to have their horses  'Win Ready' today -- often these horses are nice prices).

➤➤Worth Selective Pace Play -- A horse whose internal or closing fractions in recent races suggest he/she may have a Pace Advantage in today's race

➽➽??Viable Exacta/Trifecta Suggestions -Especially effective in races with 8 horses or more.  Exacta hit rate @ 39%.  Trifecta @22%

sc-cover-page-pdf????Also, Jon's 40-Page Paper Version ($34.95 retail) is included at no extra charge with your purchase of the Software!


??????Order the Software NOW & Save $51!!  


????SuperCluster II ??has a retail price of $199, but when you order by 11-30-2018

you can get the software and paper version

for just ???? $148!


SUPERCLUSTER, II is a serious work, by a serious handicapper, designed for players serious about cashing winning tickets -- lots of winning tickets --

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try --we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee, something no other software seller in the world offers.


So give us a call at  1-401-219-6009 or order through this link or visit www.worthhandicapping.com


You will not be disappointed with SUPERCLUSTER, II --  it performs exactly as advertised.

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