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Our spot plays teach you how to "read between the lines" of the past performances to find a well-meant horse.

We are well known for clearly explaining the carefully researched and developed handicapping guidelines and angles plus providing you with case studies of races we've handicapped, all as a means to teach you how to handicap using the method. We have spot plays for maiden, maiden special weight, maiden claiming, claiming, restricted races, allowance, stakes and graded stakes races as well as for sprints and routes. This way, you are prepared to handicap most every type of race.

Whether you wager to win, place or show, and/or make straight bets or exotic ones such as an exacta, exacta box or wheel or even a trifecta, our spot play methods will be of value to you.

As many successful handicappers know, you should have a diverse collection of spot play methods on hand so that you are ready for any type of race. Our methods will prepare you to that end.

Order with confidence. Tom Worth Publishing Company represents two generations of handicapping experience – between Jon Worth and his late father, Tom Worth, there are over 60 years experience of handicapping, researching and writing methods. We have many letters from over the years as well as emails relaying news of positive results.

You are always welcome to call or email Jon, publisher of the TIPS Report and long-time horse racing handicapper, researcher and method writer, with any questions or comments. He is genuinely willing to help and genuinely enjoys talking with other handicappers, whether experienced or just starting out.

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Lastly, we strongly recommend for you to subscribe to the TIPS Report, our bimonthly 24-page handicapping publication which analyzes the races and past performances by means of various and highly successful handicapping angles and factors through actual case studies which we or another handicapper have handicapped. We also discuss refinements to or review results of many of our methods made by us or by another handicapper. This way we all continue to learn how to be more successful handicappers. It's an ever evolving process!

With the TIPS Report, you will never be out of the loop, plus you will be a member of a top-notch handicapping community. The TIPS Report is an excellent source for improving your bottom line. It's well worth it!

Serving handicappers since 1956 & now in our second generation.

Celebrating 24 years of the TIPS Report!

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