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Improving Beyer Figures Spot Play Method

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This just in from a handicapper who ordered this spot play in August 2017:

hello jon, I got my copy of ibf.  read about half of it and then played it at preque on #1 stay determend in the 3rd   and it hit the board at 9/2  not a winner but like you say in your book I MADE MONEY. ibf is a wonderful angle and easy to figure like the big easy.  thank you jon for adding another potent weapon to my horse racing tackle box. best wishes...

This method uses, as you may have guessed, improving Beyer figures and involves several key factors, all of which are fully explained. The results are excellent. Up to 77% of the horses run in-the-money. The average WIN mutuel is $9.18, and the return on WIN wagers is 25.5%. Furthermore, add just one factor which we disclose in the method, and your ROI to WIN could more than double to over 50%.

The Improving Beyer Figures Spot Play Method will help you spot horses that are in form and who consistently finish in-the-money with excellent returns. We’ve cashed in on some terrific double-digit win, place and show horses – they’re not all favorites! You’ll learn how to read between the lines, so to speak, so you can spot horses ready to run their best effort ever, yet their advantages may not be obvious to the betting publicThat can give you an edge in the betting pool!

This 38 page spot play also includes a detailed live play workout of over 100 selections so you can see how it held up under actual racing and wagering conditions. And as is our style, we give you plenty of case studies of actual races we've handicapped using the Improving Beyer Figures Method so you can see it in action and easily understand how to use it. Like all our publications, the Improving Beyer Figures Method is written with the reader in mind.

As in all of our products, our mission is to genuinely be of service to you, so please know that your phone calls and emails are always welcome!

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