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We've put together 2 special packages from The Road to Profits Collection for instruction and inspiration. The Collection is comprised of select back issues of the TIPS Report that feature excellent strategies for maximizing your profits when handicapping thoroughbred horse races, or in other words, make money at horse racing! 

In 5 of the 9 issues, you will read how one handicapper, Milton Weinblatt, found his winners and collected on ticket after ticket, year after year. He was a very consistent winner, earning steady profits from handicapping thoroughbred horse races.

As a way of background in regard to Milton, for about 15 years or so, we were honored to profile his work and his results many, many times. He was single minded in the pursuit of his #1 goal: earning money and turning a profit! He knew that no matter how you slice it, the name of the game is profit.

Whether Milton was collecting on an absolutely huge exacta, ($300 ‐ $900), a Superfecta or a straight win, place or show wager, his contenders were strong and well meant. The beauty of following his approaches is that his collection rates were so high and the run-outs short.  (More to read below the links.)Milton was conservative in his early years of reporting his results to us, wagering strictly to show and profiting quite well from his wagers. However, in his later years, he branched out to more exotic types of wagers, yet still in his skillful and measured style. And just as he was highly successful with his earlier years of show wagering, so was he with his exotic wagers. So much so that his winnings afforded him to regularly enjoy select luxuries, especially fine dining which he would often describe to me in his emails and phone calls.

Milton was a generous contributor and was always happy to share his handicapping "secrets" with the Tom Worth community of top-notch handicappers. As you will read in the issues that focus on Milton, he was highly successful and certainly did travel the "road to profits."

Five of the issues feature Milton's handicapping successes and how he consistently cashed winning tickets, using our tipoffs and spot plays as well as some of his own which he shared in the TIPS Report. He was a highly skilled and astute handicapper.

Learn how Milton found his selections from the past performances. You'll even see that sometimes he didn't need the past performances as Milton was the creator of the "No Form Needed" Spot Play Method that is printed in one of issues in this package! The “No Form” refers to the fact that he didn’t need the Daily Racing Form or BRIS. Many handicappers told us that they considered the No Form method as one of the best systems in terms of how quick and efficient it was! Milton was indeed a very innovative handicapper!

Whether you wager to win, place or show, or like to structure exotic wagers such as exactas, exacta boxes or even trifectas, you can definitely learn something from Milton. I know I have!

One of the other issues in this collection features yet another innovative and highly successful handicapper, namely Frank R. from New Jersey. He was the gentleman who developed The Only One II Handicapping Spot Play Method which is an expansion of the original Only One Horse Racing System that was developed by my dad, Tom Worth. I collaborated with Frank for the finishing touches of that method, and he was a joy to work with, a very astute handicapper indeed. The Only One II horse racing system is an excellent introduction to TIPS Handicapping, which many consider to be one of the best methods out there in terms of isolating long shots!

The issue that features Frank is the January/February 2000 issue, and it features yet another spot play he developed, namely The Saver Play which he used to isolate longshots including a $170 winner!

The list and descriptions of the included 9 issues are below, and we've marked which ones include profiles from Milton and the one that features Frank's Saver Play.

All TIPS Report issues are 24 pages unless otherwise noted. They are never less than 24 pages.

September/October 1995 TIPS Report

Double your bankroll! In just 3 weeks of show wagering during a trip to Las Vegas, find out how Milton Weinblatt, using our Show-a-Profit method as his handicapping framework, doubled his bankroll. Follow Milton's day by day selections for three weeks straight.

The other article in this 28-page issue is "Pedigree & Breeding."

January/February 1996 TIPS Report

Do many of your selections run in-the-money, yet you are not making as much money as you should be? Maximize your profits by reading one of our most popular issues ever! This feature article is titled, "Get Exotic with Show-a-Profit"!

Other articles in this issues include "Battle of Saratoga: Importance of Wagers" and a Q&A on resolving tied Beyer figures.

January/February 1997 TIPS Report

What are the "keys" to handicapping success? In addition to outlining a nifty, and profitable, "No Form Needed" spot play method developed by Milton Weinblatt, we explore this question in detail. See how Milton managed to find winning selections without referring to the Daily Racing Form or BRIS.

The other article in this issue goes over the specifics of a new TIP, (think handicapping angle or factor), namely a Trainer TIP, "Last Workout Five or Fewer Days Ago, which when combined with other tipoffs, (again, think angles or factors), can give us great clues to trainer intention.

This issue is among our most popular ever!

September/October 1997 TIPS Report

Final results and complete workout for Milton Weinblatt's "No Form Needed" spot play.

The other article in this issue reviews a new TIP, "The Even Finish' which has proven over the years to be a very strong handicapping factor.

Sadly we report in this issue on the passing of Tom Worth, a great teacher, both as a school teacher & principal and as a handicapping instructor through his many horse racing methods and systems. And needless to say, he was also an excellent handicapper, which afforded him to start his own school for students with attention deficit disorders, provide a few luxuries to his family and also to take his family on many vacation trips both here in the United States and abroad. To learn a little more on Tom, please visit our About Us page which you can find through this link.

January/February 2000 TIPS Report

You've handicapped thoroughly, but can't find a selection. No worries - let Frank R's Saver Play come to the rescue, which is a longshot spot play included in this issue. Learn how the Saver Play helped Frank find a $170 winner.

The other article in this issue reports one handicapper's modification to the very powerful WUTT TIP.

July/August 2002 TIPS Report

As we all know, longshot handicapping can pay big dividends. By focusing on a couple of important factors, you can quickly locate those well-meant long shots.

The other article in this issue is Part 2 of Show-a-Profit Update: Refinements. The first part was in the May/June 2002 issue.

November/December 2004 TIPS Report

Introducing the TIPS Overlay: A Contender Screen for the TIPS Methodology developed by Mark C. A revolutionary ways to organize the TIPS method! Dramatically reduce your handicapping time, without sacrificing profit. A must have for TIPS handicappers! Tom would be proud!

July/August 2005 TIPS Report

One of our most requested issues ever. Read all about one of our trips to Saratoga, and how we taught handicapping basics to a willing 3rd grader, namely our daughter. She took to handicapping like a fish to water, and in less than a week, more than doubled her own bankroll wagering exclusively to show and on selections she herself found!

And because she was, and still is, an incredibly avid reader, she was able to go on a little shopping spree in one of the really great used bookstores in Saratoga! We visit this bookstore every time we’re in Saratoga.

March/April 2009 TIPS Report

ProfitLine Strikes Gold! Includes a report from Milton Weinblatt. A simple yet powerful and profitable approach to exotic handicapping.

The other article in this 26-page issue is titled, "Don't Follow the Crowd: Avoid False Favorites!"

Use one of the above links to place your order. And as always, we're here to answer any questions. Email Jon at jonworth@worthhandicapping.com

For those of you who got to know Milton through the pages of the TIPS Report, I am saddened to report that Milton has passed away at the age of 97. Don't let the age fool you - Milton was extremely sharp and focused, more than many guys I know who are in their 50's and 60's!

In July of 1997, I had a flight booked to Atlantic City to meet up with Milton and his wife for a couple of days for both pleasure and handicapping, which actually is also a pleasure! Milton loved to fish, so we were going to do a bit of that and then go to a race book together to handicap and watch a few races in one of the casinos. However, the day before I was scheduled to leave, my father, Tom Worth, unexpectedly passed away. I regret that I never met up in person with Milton and his wife. It was a great privilege to get to know him through phone calls and correspondence, and I miss him greatly.

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