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More Spot Plays & Handicapping Methods > The Only One II: A Spot Play Method - Super for handicapping maidens and an excellent intro to TIPS handicapping
The Only One II: A Spot Play Method - Super for handicapping maidens and an excellent intro to TIPS handicapping

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Win percentage of 32%. Average win mutuel of over $9.00.

Place percentage of 70%. Average place mutuel of over $5.57.

Show percentage of 90%. Average show mutuel of over $3.57

The Only One II is an updated version of The Only One, which was originally published in 1985 by Tom Worth. Frank, A New Jersey handicapper who developed the well received longshot Saver Play and has made several valuable contributions to the TIPS Report, purchased The Only One from Tom back in the 1980's and has been using it ever since with terrific success, especially when used in combination with some of his own modifications.

Then in 1999, Frank called Jon Worth to tell him about the success he’d been enjoying with the Only One and also to relay the successful improvements he made to the original method. Jon and Frank worked together to hammer out the new and improved guidelines. The results are stunning. Tom would be proud of their achievement – after all, he was always looking to modify and improve handicapping techniques, as long as the results were good. You will enjoy using this terrific spot play - it’s a dynamo!

The Only One II is a 48-page spot play method for maiden races which combines powerful handicapping factors: speed and about 24 powerhouse handicapping TIPS, carefully extracted from Tom Worth's highly acclaimed TIPS Method. NO background in TIPS handicapping is needed to use this spot play because all the TIPS used in the method are defined. If you have ever been curious about TIPS handicapping, this is a good starting point. Overall, the Only One II isolates horses who are ready to run a top effort and who are going off at longshot prices.

This method is ideal for simulcast players. Expect to find an average of about one selection per track, but read further below to learn that there is an option to increase your number of daily selections. Using the contender screens, in just a minute or so, you’ll know which horses you need to handicap using the TIPS discussed in the spot play. It might take a bit of study in the beginning, but once you learn the TIPS in this spot play, you’ll find them easy to use and well worth the effort.

With the Only One II, you will see that we take you through the method, step by step, and also review several case studies of races we have handicapped to show you how to handicap races with this method and to see right from the beginning how to select your contenders.

You will also see our live two-week workout, along with the results.

The results are phenomenal:

• Win percentage of 32%.    • Average win mutuel of over $9.00.

For more conservative handicappers, the news is even better:

• Selections placed over 70% of the time, with an average place mutuel of over $5.57.

For you show investors, the news is even better still:

• Selections finished third 90% of the time.

• Average show mutuel for the WO was over $3.57.

We also outline an optional way to utilize the method, tapping into maiden special weight races, to increase your daily number of selections.

Whether you wager to win, place or show or like to structure exotic bets such as exactas, you will gain value from using the Only One II.

The Only One II is written with the reader in mind, just as all our methods are.

As in all of our products, our mission is to genuinely be of service to you, so please know that your phone calls and emails are always welcome!

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