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Place-to-Win for Sprints Spot Play Method

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Results from our live wagers show that Place-to-Win for Sprints selections finished as follows:

Win: 47%  ROI: 73

Place: 75%  ROI: 45%

Show: 87%  ROI: 36%

This popular 45-page spot play method for handicapping thoroughbred horse races is a tightened and improved version of the original and very well-received Place-to-Win for Routes.

We’ve added a new guideline, new elimination rules, plus we present over nine case studies as a means of instruction. In addition, we show workouts at three different classes of tracks (Belmont, Meadowlands, and Rockingham) to illustrate how the method performs at different levels of racing.

The above ROI figures do NOT include a BLOCKBUSTER Place-to-Win for Sprints selection which paid $47.80. Place-to-Win for Sprints was rated 8 by the Phillips Racing Newsletter. Don’t miss out! 

Among the many letters we received in response to the well received Place-to-Win for Routes were quite a few from handicappers who wanted the method adapted for sprint races. Several handicappers mentioned they were already applying Place-to-Win for Routes guidelines, with some modifications, to sprint races and were reporting good results. We were both intrigued and challenged!

Thus, we began our research and development for modifying Place-to-Win for sprint races. Like Place-to-Win for Routes, this one uses a few of Tom Worth's handicapping "TIPS", which are various handicapping angles or signals. However, you need no prior knowledge of TIPS is needed because ALL the tipoffs, as they are informally called, are fully explained. If you have ever been curious about TIPS handicapping, this spot play method is a good starting point.

Many a handicapper has enjoyed using this method, and I believe you will too. It's always a good idea to expand your arsenal of spot play methods so that you are ready to handle different racing conditions because by doing so, you expand your opportunities to increase your earnings from handicapping.

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