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Show-a-Profit: A Maiden Method

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"Hey Jon - Your Show a Profit is the closest thing to the holy grail of horse racing systems.....works best in sprints."

For a limited time, order Show-a-Profit and receive a FREE copy of the Sept/Oct 1995 TIPS Report, a timeless issue which details the success Milton Weinblatt had in using this method!

Aside of the TIPS Methodology, this is one of our most popular methods ever, one that has been met with a huge success. While the method does focus on show wagering, when the Phillips Racing Newsletter reviewed Show-a-Profit, they said the collection rate in the win hole was so high they thought it could’ve been renamed Win-a-Profit!

Handicappers who use Show-a-Profit know how exciting it is to cash tickets on eight to nine out of every 10 races on which they bet. One Florida handicapper more than doubled his bankroll in less than three weeks using Show-a-Profit.  His win percentage was 33%, and his average win mutuel was $8.21. His horses finished in-the-money 84% of the time with an average show mutuel of $3.06. At one point he had 30 horses in a row run in-the-money.

The Show-a-Profit spot play method has taught handicappers from around the country how to consistently pick horses that run in-the-money. If they can do it, so can you – as long as you’re determined and willing to study our easy to follow and thorough material. You don’t need a big bankroll to get started. Many of our customer’s profits have grown from modest bankrolls.  You too can get in on the excitement of watching your bankroll grow.

In the method, we present a set of several straightforward guidelines to apply. With a little practice, most handicappers find they are able to handicap a race in 1-2 minutes.

Research to date shows that these guidelines can help you isolate selections which have a chance of finishing in-the-money nearly 90% of the time, at odds of about even money to 6-1.

Show-a-Profit is profit oriented and not necessarily action oriented. There is a difference between the two. Your goal should always be to make money and not to wager on every single race just to be in on some action. Show-a-Profit is a flexible method, meaning that it is easily adaptable to different wagering styles.  With its high collection rate, Show-a-Profit can be ideal for parlay wagering and leveraging your profits.

Consistent profits and short losing streaks are attainable goals, and with Show-a-Profit we show you how it can be done. Our customers know, and we know. We represent two generations of handicapping experience – between Jon and his late father, Tom Worth, we’ve been at this business for over 60 years and have files of customer letters relaying news of positive results. We know that consistent profits are exciting, plus they help you develop confidence in your ability to find truly well meant horses.

Show-a-Profit is written with the reader in mind, and therefore you will find it easy to understand. And it’s not just two or three pages. Show-a-Profit is 38 full-size pages. We give you plenty of examples and a workout based on live wagers so you can use it as a template and as a foundation to help you find your own niche. You won’t be left at the starting gate when you order Show-a-Profit. As always, we have plenty of case studies of live handicapping to show you how to use the method.

Also, be sure to check out "Super Show-a-Profit" which is an in-depth spot play follow up to Show-a-Profit.

As in all of our products, our mission is to genuinely be of service to you, so please know that your phone calls and emails are always welcome!

Serving handicappers since 1956 and now in our second generation.

And now celebrating 22 years of the TIPS Report!

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