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The Big Four Plus One Spot Play Method for Horse Racing

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Big Four Plus One selections run in-the-money about 90% of the time. "Automatics" (defined in the method) win nearly 40% of the time!  The average win mutuel for automatic selections is about $9. If you remove the biggest paying long shot, which paid $25 to win, the average win mutuel is still nearly $7 for the "automatic" selections.

Here is the description:
Using four carefully chosen and easily spotted contender screens, The Big Four Plus One Spot Play Method for handicapping thoroughbred horse races allows you to handicap a card quickly, efficiently, and most importantly of all, effectively!

This 44-page spot play method is designed to handicap maiden claimers, maiden races, claiming, even optional claiming and allowance races, although with the softer spots and clear advantages you can find in maiden claiming and regular and restricted claiming races, you may want to 'cherry pick' from those races because it can be much easier to find overlays who possess a clear cut advantage over the competition.  Using the carefully selected contender screens, you will know within a couple of minutes if you have a potential selection. You will find that as you become more proficient with the method, it will take you even less time to handicap a race.

Look for the indicators that signal, what we call in the method, an “automatic” selection. The collection rate on the automatics in our two-racetrack workout will knock your socks off.  Big Four Plus One selections ran an in-the-money rate of 90%. Automatics won nearly 40% of the time!  The average win mutuel for automatic selections is $9. If you remove the biggest paying long shot, which paid $25 to win, the average win mutuel is still nearly $7 for the "automatic" selections.

Whether you wager to win, place or show or like to structure exotic bets such as exactas, the Big Four Plus One will guide you in constructing strategies for handicapping the races. We give you plenty of case studies of actual races we've handicapped using the Big Four Plus One Method so you can see it in action and easily understand how to use it. 

Here's what a satisfied handicapper has to say about The Big Four Plus One:

"Hey Jon, how are you,my friend? I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how your Big 4 method performed at Del Mar. I hit 58% of show bets (only playing Auto plays) for a ROI of +27%! Not too shabby! Only 3 winners, paying $47.20, $4.00, $17.60, but a small ROI of +10%. But man, anyone who can have the disipline to be a conservative show bettor can do very well with the Big 4. I'm gonna test it at the upcoming fall/winter meets. Talk to ya later!"

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