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The TIPS Update

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The TIPS Update

This 48 page guide is a must-have for all handicappers, no matter what your style of handicapping. It is a gold mine filled with exciting and effective angles. This is our latest version of the Update, published in 2008, and today, in 2016, it is still as relevant and valuable as ever.

The TIPS Update lists, defines and updates over 80 tipoffs, (handicapping angles that we refer to as tipoffs and more formally as "TIPS"), that are defined as well as 15 contender screens that can point you toward a horse that has a realistic chance at success. You will also find outlines of Significant Clusters of TIPS that are highly effective. Moreover, the Update can even give you the foundation to come up with your own favorite spot play.

However, unlike our other publications, the Update provides no “how to’s” or case studies on how to apply the tipoffs. If you would like to see examples on how to use the various tipoffs and to see case studies of actual races which we handicapped and on which we wagered, we strongly suggest you subscribe to the TIPS Report and to order some of the back issues. We also recommend our 48-page spot play method, The Only One II, because it is an excellent starting point on how to use some of the tipoffs.

TIPS are angles and plays which can point you toward “live” horses, many at longshot prices. These angles help you zero in on well meant horses, one who is in good current form and ready to run his best effort today. The Update divides the tipoffs into the three categories of Trainer TIPS, Horse TIPS and Tote Board TIPS, so you can see in which category the tipoff falls. Use a combination of these tipoffs to find a horse whose trainer has him in the right spot and ready today!

New in this version is the inclusion of Mark Casey’s “TIPS Overlay”, a powerhouse contender screen. The ‘Break’ Cluster is also new, as is the revolutionary “major tipoff” philosophy. We’ve kept the category of “Contender Screens” and “Significant Groupings” in the Update so you can use the screens to help you find contenders. 

We’ve also updated the TIPS Index, so that you can see at a glance the abbreviation, name and classification of the tipoff as well as on what page it is defined PLUS, most importantly, where the tipoff was discussed in various issues of the TIPS Report so you look up discussions with case study examples. 

The TIPS Update continues to feature a TIPS checklist, so that you have a list of tipoffs on one handy reference sheet. As TIPS handicappers know, TIPS is adaptable to almost any style of handicapping, so you can make it work for you!

Order today so you can start making it work for you. You will find it a highly valuable resource, one to which you will frequently refer.

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