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What are "TIPS"? TIPS or "tipoffs" are dynamic handicapping angles that work as signals regarding the horse and his trainer, and when combined with other TIPS, they can point you to a horse that is fit and ready to compete. In short, TIPS can help you find a well-meant horse, one who is primed and ready to run his best effort in today's race, one who will compete well against today's field. CONTINUED BELOW THE LINKS!  Print & download options available!

With the TIPS Report you'll read reports from other handicappers about their own successes and experiences at handicapping the races, along with the angles that produced their profitable results.

No background in the highly acclaimed TIPS handicapping methodology is needed to reap value from the TIPS Report! We recently made a significant enhancement to our 24-page bi-monthly handicapping publication. Namely, going forward, all featured TIPS in an article are defined in that respective article. Thus, you can put all knowledge gained to immediate use!  (When you order back issues of the TIPS Report, we advise you to order the TIPS Update which defines all of the TIPS.)

Also, we have a selection of handicapping methods, spot plays and systems & previous issues of the TIPS Report ready for you to download to today.The Tom Worth TIPS Report is devoted to providing you with handicapping angles and information to help you detect winning horses and make profitable plays. Nearly every issue reviews a new angle and/or improves upon an older one. We use actual case studies of races we've handicapped to illustrate how to use an angle so that you can easily understand how to put it into action.

Subscribe with confidence! Tom Worth Publishing represents two generations of handicapping experience - between Jon and his late father, Tom Worth, there is over 60 years experience of handicapping, researching and writing methods behind our company. We have files of customer letters, as well as emails, including many from long time subscribers, relaying news of positive results.

Click one of the subscription options above & subscribe today - subscriptions now start at one month so you can see what the TIPS Report is all about! Other subscription options include six-months, one-year and two years. We'd love to have you on board!

Also, be sure to click into back issues of the TIPS ReportThey are always an excellent source for improving your bottom line. Many of our subscribers tell us that they often go back and re-read back issues. 

With the TIPS Report, you will never be out of the loop, and you will be a member of a top-notch handicapping community.For an idea of what kind of articles appear in the TIPS Report, please take a look at our brief descriptions of back issues, which you can find by clicking here

The Phillips Racing Newsletter considers TIPS to be one of the best methods available anywhere and called the late Tom Worth the "dean of handicapping" and one of the "most honest and reliable method writers in the country." 

His son, Jon, now follows in his footsteps. Jon worked alongside his Dad beginning in the 1980s and did a lot of the research that went into the latter stages of the TIPS methodology. He has researched and expanded the tipoffs over the years, and other handicappers have also contributed new ones, all with extremely positive results. Jon has also researched, authored and co-authored many spot play methods for a variety of racing conditions, most of which are listed on our website.

As in all of our products, our mission is to genuinely be of service to you, so please know your phone calls and emails are always welcome! Jon, publisher of the TIPS Report and long-time handicapper, horse racing researcher and method writer, with any questions or comments you have. He genuinely enjoys talking with other handicappers. 

An Exciting issue of The TIPS Report is available in print or download format.

The March/April 2019 issue features four case studies based on races handicapped live by three handicappers. Each cashed in big with The Fitness Factor Spot Play, including one who isolated a $138.60 winner and another who spotted a $44.80 winner and had the $190.40 exacta!

Learn how each of these handicappers used The Fitness Factor to spot these terrific Fitness Factor horses. Each case study analyzes the race along with the handicapping factors which pointed to a strong contender.

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Print & download options available!

Serving handicappers since 1956 and now in our second generation.

And now celebrating 25 years of the TIPS Report!

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